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  1. 3 Game progress

    BRADFORD.well first 20 to 25mins the lads looked the better team and was pushing all the time. The pack were really strong going forward and the backs got on the end of everything the 2 halfs worked for but you could see there was a Change in the lads. There was something good about them but in the end Bradford were just to fit and strong for the boys to deal with but there was something there. HAlIFAX.lads didn't get off the bus for the first 30mins last 10mins in first half they started to pick there game up.Then second half they started playing a bit more open.The last 20 to 25mins you would have though we were full time we just blew them away the backs clicked and forwards were very strong Doran and Forber showed some lovely touches.Doran a lovely cross field kick and good kicks out of hand Forber a lovely little grubber for stacky under the sticks these two showed a lot of promise.another 10mins and that was a win for the boys but it never happened but showed up a lot more for each other and again there was something good about the lads looked just as good as the start of the Bradford game.SHEFIELD.the warm up looked sharper and there was a atmosphere about them they were very vocal with each other.It was same again but nearly for the full 80mins this time. The forwards battled for every yard and the backs it seemed were always in the right place at the right time but I've got to say that nearly everything came off Forber and Doran they took the lads all over the that field and looked to have a bit more freedom than normal keeping them guessing as to what was coming next. Doran and Forber did literally take the game to them. All in all it just shows that this as been coming and the lads have been getting better and showing a lot more passion and enthusiasm.If the lads keep showing up good then there is no reason that they can't get enough points to stay up.Batley next and I think they can do it.Hope you enjoy the read this is how I have seen the last 3 games progress.
  2. Good Friday predictions.

    To be honest thought Doran showed up ok against Leigh
  3. LEIGH predictions

    Well all I can say on the game is I witnessed a team of a lot of under performers.For the first 25 minutes we wer just dreadful in defence. Leigh didn't do anything special but they had a good game plan and good structure the lads looked like they didn't know each other. Yes we scored a couple of good try's but that was it there was-nothing in our lads as a team going forward or defending no structure and must have the worst game plan in the league. There was some good individuals that played well in the game young Ritson Chris's Murphy and matty.Our game sets defence and attack were just shocking the lads looked fit enough but like a team of total strangers and that to me is down to the training paddock.
  4. Batley preview

    I am not convinced that this team at the moment is not good enough.We matched them in every department in the first half.Sammut the scrum half and Forber the stand off played very good in the first half.but after 5 minutes in the second half the the whole pack just went flat. From 1 to 7 still carried on playing the same way the only thing that changed was the pack never made any ground or break a tackle or even off loading just shows you that our pack was very good in the first half so 1 to 7 were getting in good field position and making good ground hence the score at half time 14 :12.There's no way in the world can Sammut or Forber or the 1 to 5 do anything behind a pack that looked like it had given up 5 minutes into the second half.Yes every decision and all the 50.50 calls all went to batley.the wingers and centres where getting plenty of ball that's where the try's where scored.So that leaves a question why did the pack go so flat after 5 minutes in the second half and I witnessed the same against dewsbury.
  5. jamie dalimore

    Left Oldham for bigger money doesn't like to travel
  6. Batley preview

    They'll be saying next that he is on a try scoring bonus. Well let's hope he is then
  7. Broncos reaction

    I never noticed the push on matty at the time straight in front of the ref as well
  8. Broncos reaction

    Am I Wright in saying that London or a full time teem thay probabley train about 3 to 4 hours a day all gelling getting there fitnes levels up.thay don't have to get up for work or play after coming off a night shift so I think we did very well to push them like we did the lads will get a lot better as thay go along it is a very hard league this year thay will lose some more games but thay will also win some games I still think there will be no problems in surviving this league.
  9. Broncos reaction

    I do apologise I was wrong.but there was still 2 and 3 players involved in the the tackles not just Forber
  10. Broncos reaction

    stacky was ther as well.you can't pick out a individual are you having a laugh have you read your other post further up omg.
  11. Broncos reaction

    carl Forber as played all the games so far on the left it as been the Wright side that teems have been hitting hard Forber was switched to the Wright today and ther was stack and decs all 3 of which wer involved in the tackle of which thay scored not just Forber. Forber must have been in the 30 tackle mark you would not of got nowhere near with the other half playing.he also put some nice kicks in.to many lazy forwards today for me.yes thay will spot Sammut and Forber teems always told run at the halfs.thought we where in a very good position to go over some haw but what do we do we go for a drop goal but that's ok Dave isn't it because it's not Carl Forber.mistakes all over the pitch.a much better and stronger teem performance today and it will get better O and vevers was fuming over the drop goal
  12. Keith T

    Get well soon pal be strong.
  13. Merry Christmas

    Hello everybody and merry Christmas to all just made it home for Christmas.What a fantastic signing sammut is hopefully all around him will grow.
  14. Dewsbury away

    Not expecting anything from this game.The lads look fatigued and body shot.They've had a very good end to the season and done what was expected of them.That was to stay in this league a big pat on the back for that If rumoures are true about some players.Won't expect anything what's so ever from the fev game anyway welldone lads.Youve all worked very hard to keep us in this league,
  15. Doran

    Well done Jamie. Would just like to see him work harder in preseason in his tackling.His ball control is there his positional play is there. Jamie I think in time could be the ball playing looseforward that we've been looking for to take pressure off the halfs. No disrespect to any other player.Good young player who's got time on his side.