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  1. Oracle

    Gentle tipped to leave Hull

    For me, Hull should never have got rid of Sharp. thought he was an excellent well respected coach who was unfortunate with an injury crisis during his last season with the club
  2. Yet Lee Briers escapes with a ban.
  3. Oracle

    Blake Ferguson

    Gona sign for the Sharks -0 best mates with Todd Carney. Could be the man to deliver shakrs maiden premiership next year, playing behind that pack
  4. They can afford to do it against a poor team like Wests as the media circus it is attracting here in Sydney is unbelievable.
  5. I disagree, when a player signs a contract they should stick with the club for the length of that contract regardless of the league they are in For me, contracts should be signed onn a sliding scale to account for differences in Salary cap. For example a player will be on X amount if in tier 1, Y amount if the team gets relegated - that way then clubs can build for the future despite relegation and keep a squad together which can hopefuly push for promotion again the foloiwng year. In my opinion this would prevent a mass exodus at the end of a season for the relegated team followed by panic buying - - Leigh for example when they got promoted - players like Darren Fleary who simply wasn't good enough. If players cotracts become void because of relegation then the better players sign for top clubs whilst average ones for lesser clubs - think some players got relegated 3 yrs on the bounce from jumping ships,
  6. Oracle


    Looks better on than it does on pictures in fairness With it bein rather 'plain' it goes great with a pair of jeans and not to 'garisish' as most kits are !!
  7. Oracle

    Great rugby league video Fantastic !! haha
  8. Oracle


    Plus, cost of jerseys in Aus is astronomical, which is a shame as i move to Sydney in 26 days time! could have set up a lucrative business shipping shirts back here otherwise
  9. Oracle

    New Signing is....

    Great signing for the club, add some steel to our pack. Is this it though now for recruitment? still wouldnt mind one more prop and another 2nd rower, then we can relegate Butler & Whitehead to sidelines for injury cover
  10. Oracle

    rumours on new signings?

    Anyone heard any rumours about addng players to the squad? All gone a bit quiet since we had the glut a few weeks ago. Still feel that we could do with a bit more size to beef up the pack. Anyone any idea whats happenin with Harrison, Pedley & Gordon?
  11. Oracle


    Looks like the joining jack shirt currently out, although Rochdale wish the likes of Sculthorpe, Farrell, Connolly, Offiah, Robinson were pulliing their shirt on instead
  12. Oracle


    Not a fan of the catalans kit at all, which is a shame as they generally produce good shirts. Then again, i dont care, i'm moving to Sydney in 8 weeks time, so wont watch SL