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  1. The way forward?

    RL is slowly slipping down the sporting priority list in the UK. Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded; we are fighting for the scraps.Clubs like Oldham are struggling to progress, many players who excell, are now languishing with championship clubs, trying to progress but not playing. Duel reg only provides a replacement for the old "A" team games or reserve grade and so SL clubs just use CH or CH1 feeder clubs as a low cost option to reserve grade rugby. Oldham as I have said before should be commended for having a second team but why is the RFL allowing CH and CH1 clubs to get away without having a reserve team and U18's at a minimum. Surely it is lunacy that perfectly good players are now languishing with CH teams, not playing whilst teams like Oldham are fighting to get promotion and having their promising players taken year on year. Just a thought but in my view the superduper leage teams should be able to register say 25 players and have rights on these players ONLY. We then need to think outside of the box to ensure these other lads stay in the game, continue to develope with CH or CH1 clubs and play on MERIT alone. Maybe all other players should be on a central contract where they can develop unfettered by the completely slefish and self centred objective of the SL teams. These lads could then play at CH or CH1 level rather than be at the whims of SL selfishnes. SL teams are run as a small busines so why should we expect them to care about players outside of their current 1st team squad? BUT for rugby league to progress IN THIS COUNTRY the rest of us SHOULD. I just think its madness that players who are on the fringes of SL selection are frozen out of CH teams, not playing week in week out and clubs like Oldham in CH1 would relish these lads. The reality is if these lads are travelling 2-300 miles a week not to play then they will give up the game. What a shame.
  2. Rochdale game

    By the looks of it neither teams has fantastic performances this week so makes for an interesting encounter on Thursday. So onwards and upwards, we are still a very good team and will not play as we did against Gloucester again either in the regular season or the play offs. Scott and Spanner will learn from this week and have us in top form on Thursday. So what the lads need from us is support, loud vocal support. Today I thought the atmosphere understandably was a bit flat in the first half. So lets give Rochdale their biggest crowd of the season and their worst result!!
  3. Hornet buzzed off

    Lets hope he didn't trip over his bottom lip on the way out.
  4. "Teams share the burden and divide the grief."