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  1. That's what happens when someone else picks the side and yes it's come of a player
  2. Supported them for ever its getting dire as enough and yes I have paid for my St has Darren hill !!!!!!!
  3. Ask cambell the top dog??,,
  4. Ask cambell the top dog??,,
  5. Come on plug should no what the response would be as per usual
  6. Can't believe it's come down to this not having a go but surely cambell must of asked for money up front . As a businessman he should have asked for assurance up front be for issuing shares .
  7. Grand final no chance next years att 1300 to 2100 that's with Bradford coming blown it good style . Hope I'm wrong but don't think so .
  8. Only cambell to blame that's my last take on it not saying anything else