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  1. Never had any doubt that we would win today!! 😬😬 im glad toneat my words! Get the F in!!!
  2. I actually cant see where our next win is coming from. Cant see us winning away at North Wales Sunday and at home to Toronto, we have some tough fixtures coming up. I know we arnt too far away from teams but we are still getting beat. Doncaster were absolutely sihte, they had nothing to offer, yet they beat us. With Scholey, Curwen and Ritson to come back into the team hopefully things will change. I really hope the two new lads who are coming up give us 100% . do you think we will make the top 8? cato x
  3. We have heard it all before though Gary. A few lads who have came on loan have been brilliant but most of them not... I will always be at DerwentPark and will never walk away from supporting the team, we all know the hard work the club put in. Cato x
  4. It's not really excellent news is it!? Potentially it could be. If they want it enough!! It aint youngsters we need, it's experience.(I know they probably arnt available and the club are trying hard) Good to see Tom Curwen back in the team. Strong runner and solid in defence. Things are looking real bad at the minute. I cant see where our next win is coming from and it hurts to say but I cant see us making the top 8! FML! This is nearly as bad as when Rotheram was in charge. I go to games these days and expect us to get beat!
  5. Are the club running an U19's this year? Something to do with Lakes College?
  6. Heard a lad from Kells is in talks with Town.. His dad used to play for us in the 90's I think.
  7. Hahahaha dummy's right out! Theres nothing wrong with our DerwentPark!! Well done, again Scotland!

  8. Brilliant game, great performance. Really deserved the win today, all the lads put a good shift in. Up The Town!!
  9. Didnt Gordon sign just a one year deal? With an option of a 2nd year
  10. Can you still buy this anywhere?
  11. They say this every year!! Zzzzzz
  12. Good idea, even have interviews with a few fans who were at the final to tell stories of the day. And a dvd of all our tries this season,with interviews from players and coaches.. Simple ideas
  13. Wow!! That is going to take a while to sink in!! That is the best finish ive ever seen at Derwent Park! 2seconds left on the clock and Mossop goes over, I didnt move, I couldnt believe it , I stood back and watched pandemonium unfold infront of me, bodys everywhere , then when Sammut kicked the goal I went beserk!! Man-Hugs all round haha! What an effort from the lads!! Brilliant! Keep Believing! GET IN!!!!
  14. Workington Town RLFC Hall of Fame is a new publication from Joe Holliday. The book is in A4 format, is full of information, and contains over 520 pages featuring details of the 770 players who have appeared for Workington Town from the clubs inception until the end of the 2015 season. As a speacial offer, anyone ordering and paying for a copy in advance can get the book for an introductory price of £20 and your name will be entered in the book as a subscriber. Anyone wishing to do so must order and pay before the 22nd June. The book, when published in July, will be available for £25. To order please contact Joe Holliday on 01900 66319 or call the club on 01900 603609. Thats it , Yanto!