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  1. Cato89

    Bradford Predictions

    Play like we have been and we will get absolutely walloped!
  2. Cato89

    Today’s game (Doncaster)

    haha I heard on a stewards radio that they were asking to turn the sound down on the popular side!!
  3. Cato89

    York City Knights Away

    Nobody was complaining about not having Newton on the bench Vs Newcastle last week, when we won. Hooker is probably one of the toughest positions to play , we should always have a substitute hooker on the bench, especially in the weather we have been getting lately.
  4. Cato89

    Were is everybody

    Everyone is probably fed up of the crack on the forum of late!! I used to look forward to coming on and reading peoples opinions on Town , now it is full of childish bickering.
  5. Cato89

    Karl O

    had a little boy
  6. Cato89

    Hemel V Town predictions

    Doran , in a game against Whitehaven a couple of seasons ago ,kicked them to death. Since then his kicking has been hot and cold... not knocking him as he has been one of our best players for the past 2 seasons now.
  7. Cato89

    New signings

    If you know, you know.
  8. Cato89

    New signings

    Nobody is going to sign him if them rumours are true...
  9. Cato89

    New signings

    We will have him then!! haha
  10. Cato89

    Oldham reaction

    On a positive note we do have Dawson, G.Maudling (not for a while) , MoiMoi and Curwen to come into the team wich will give us a lot more power in the pack. With Forrester and Hambley to come back also, things will only get better when all the lads I have mentioned are back in the team. Are we going to get answers as to why Jake Moore and Kurt Maudling are not being selected??? Using DR players just disrupts things, the DR players who have came in are mediocre. I don't understand the decision of playing DR lads over Moore and Maudling. they must be ###### right off. I am sure that Pryce said that we wouldn't be using DR and if we had to use it , it would be on OUR terms. are we being dictated to by Leigh? We NEED a big performance at Hemel to get our season back on track, COME ON TOWN!!!
  11. Cato89

    New signings

    Did he not go back to Sheffield on loan? or DR? Cant see him coming here. would definitely take him though!
  12. Cato89

    Squad for Oldham

    I think it had something to do with how poor we played against North Wales on Sunday. I agree with Mouse, DR is no good. There was no fight in the team , no passion , nothing! I reckon Pryce has used DR to prove a point to the lads who he apparently disciplined during last week. there was no need for it. discipline the lads and move on, it will only pis the lads off.. .
  13. Cato89

    Town v Oldham

    If we want to be challenging for promotion, we have to be beating everyone at home. Otherwise we can forget about going up. Always a tough game Vs Oldham.. Town 24-16
  14. Cato89

    Amateur RL in Allerdale

    The first teams of Egremont, Kells ,Brow , aside , most clubs around Cumbria are struggling. People always say "Rugby League is massive in Cumbria" ITS NOT! it maybe used to be, but not now. I read a League Express from 1996 the other day and there was 4,4!! amateur leagues in West Cumbria(including two teams from Carlisle) now we struggle to have 2 divisions! Youth level is absolutely shocking too. I won't started on that though :/
  15. Cato89

    West Wales Raiders predictions

    I wouldn't get too excited. they are the worst team I have ever seen.. They wouldn't even come near to winning the conference league.