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  1. New entrance system...

    I was just gutted I couldn't walk up the steps up onto the bend....
  2. Haven reaction

    Fair shout, I agree he should be spoken to.
  3. Haven reaction

    don't know who your are but just leave it pal. people on here will just believe what they want to believe. We know the lad in question wouldn't react like that over nothing.
  4. Haven reaction

    So you will believe what you want to believe.... ok
  5. Haven reaction

    You cant go round naming people ,hiding behind a user name haha
  6. Haven reaction

    When has he ever been named before? when has there ever been any other incidents with Town fans??
  7. Scott Rooke

    Anymore news today? he's been playing well too. Get well soon Scott..
  8. Haven reaction

    The lad who is being accused of fighting gets abuse every time he goes to the rec . if you have watched the video you will hear the Whitehaven fans singing at him. He shouldn't of thrown a punch, but he also shouldn't have to deal with dickheads like that taking the ###### out of him whilst watching the team he supports. He's a good lad and has probably had enough of all the abuse he was taking through the game. Town BOD/Stewards will know the lad and him and his family do a lot for our club, give him a bit of slack. and before you say it, I know he shouldn't be fighting and I know he can go a bit over the top at games but he's not a bad lad. Ive never seen him like that before. one mistake shouldn't get you banned from future games. Glad I sulked and walked out early enough to miss it all, I cant be arsed with that anymore. Peace, out. Cato x
  9. Workington Town 2018 200 Club!

    I'll see you at the Huddersfield game Scotty
  10. New signing

    McNally would be massive for us but I cant see him signing, he is a lot better standard than League 1.
  11. Signings / Potential Signings

    No!! please no..... I remember him playing against us for Dewsbury and he was absolutely bone idol..
  12. Well

    Who is in charge of the twitter account? After the goings on this week at our club. I dont think the timing was right(im not sure there is a right time) to be tweeting about Calvert. He has had a good career.of course he has and we cant take anythig away from him but everyone at Town used to slaughter him when we payed Whitehaven. It wasnt even his last game for Whitehaven! Ive spat the dummy. I'll leave it at that! 👍🏻 TTID
  13. Well

    Short period of time becaue my pal who set up the account , unblocked me! Hahaha and as for me saying "bumming calvert" get your facts right. I didn't say that, dont come on here slating me for something I never said go and look into it again before talking ! 👍🏻👍🏻 Ye i did use the F And like i said on twitter only Town and my followers could see that! Nobody else.
  14. Well

    Yep!! It gets worse the more I think about it!
  15. Well

    I nearly ###### choked when I read it! The fans have been dooming all year, theres hell on behind the scenes and they post about Calvert!! Just to #### the fans off that little bit more! I cant speyykk!!