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  1. Signings / Potential Signings

    No!! please no..... I remember him playing against us for Dewsbury and he was absolutely bone idol..
  2. Well

    Who is in charge of the twitter account? After the goings on this week at our club. I dont think the timing was right(im not sure there is a right time) to be tweeting about Calvert. He has had a good career.of course he has and we cant take anythig away from him but everyone at Town used to slaughter him when we payed Whitehaven. It wasnt even his last game for Whitehaven! Ive spat the dummy. I'll leave it at that! 👍🏻 TTID
  3. Well

    Short period of time becaue my pal who set up the account , unblocked me! Hahaha and as for me saying "bumming calvert" get your facts right. I didn't say that, dont come on here slating me for something I never said go and look into it again before talking ! 👍🏻👍🏻 Ye i did use the F And like i said on twitter only Town and my followers could see that! Nobody else.
  4. Well

    Yep!! It gets worse the more I think about it!
  5. Well

    I nearly ###### choked when I read it! The fans have been dooming all year, theres hell on behind the scenes and they post about Calvert!! Just to #### the fans off that little bit more! I cant speyykk!!
  6. Well

    I got blocked too.. We have off field troubles,players getting treat like , an absolutely awful season, and a few days before the game against Whitehaven. Town tweet about Craig Calvert!! "It'll be an honour for Derwent Park to watch @calvertlll2 in his last derby b4 retirement. A fantastic player and so passionate for Haven 👏👏" (are they taking the effing pssi) ,poor June Kennedy who has been at the club for 44 year 44!!! Didnt even get a mention til another fan pointed it out. For the club to block me and a few others is a disgrace. The club need us more than ever right now... Anyways I wont be back through the turnstiles, the club need me more than I need them. The amount of money I have spent watching Town, the amount of things I have missed out on with my mates,family,missus just to watch Town. And because I voice my opinion the club block me.
  7. Town bolster pack

    Never had any doubt that we would win today!! ?? im glad toneat my words! Get the F in!!!
  8. Town bolster pack

    I actually cant see where our next win is coming from. Cant see us winning away at North Wales Sunday and at home to Toronto, we have some tough fixtures coming up. I know we arnt too far away from teams but we are still getting beat. Doncaster were absolutely sihte, they had nothing to offer, yet they beat us. With Scholey, Curwen and Ritson to come back into the team hopefully things will change. I really hope the two new lads who are coming up give us 100% . do you think we will make the top 8? cato x
  9. Town bolster pack

    We have heard it all before though Gary. A few lads who have came on loan have been brilliant but most of them not... I will always be at DerwentPark and will never walk away from supporting the team, we all know the hard work the club put in. Cato x
  10. Town bolster pack

    It's not really excellent news is it!? Potentially it could be. If they want it enough!! It aint youngsters we need, it's experience.(I know they probably arnt available and the club are trying hard) Good to see Tom Curwen back in the team. Strong runner and solid in defence. Things are looking real bad at the minute. I cant see where our next win is coming from and it hurts to say but I cant see us making the top 8! FML! This is nearly as bad as when Rotheram was in charge. I go to games these days and expect us to get beat!
  11. U19's ?

    Are the club running an U19's this year? Something to do with Lakes College?
  12. News

    Heard a lad from Kells is in talks with Town.. His dad used to play for us in the 90's I think.
  13. Hahahaha dummy's right out! Theres nothing wrong with our DerwentPark!! Well done, again Scotland!

  14. Bulls reaction

    Brilliant game, great performance. Really deserved the win today, all the lads put a good shift in. Up The Town!!