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  1. kieran

    Workington Highlights

    Is There anywhere i can find highlights of the workington game? Hawks TV has nothing published for over a month now.
  2. kieran

    Dewsbury rams away. predictions.

    yeah post the link please
  3. kieran

    Town V Haven predictions.The bash!

    club sold over 200.. hoping for 500ish there on day
  4. kieran

    Exploding the Myth.

    We will most likely be bringing around the 100 mark fans down to batley, so should increase your crowd numbers. Heres to a hopeful sunny day and a town win See you all next sunday
  5. kieran

    Wish list

    Walker training with squad Thursday so shall be announced then.
  6. Highlights for anyone who wants to watch them
  7. kieran

    First Home and Away Game Released

    Computer was being slow so i double clicked and its posted twice...sorry
  8. First Home game is Halifax First Away Game is Swinton Lions
  9. hello holty heard today that you will miss the final at warrington if we get there? hope this isnt true??