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  1. New Signing ?

    Was talking to him in the Melting Pot - I agree, a nice lad And on Saturday he was definitely good enough
  2. Supporters Club Fanzine

    There will be a small number of a new Supporters Club fanzine being issued tonight which I believe will be via the
  3. eagletv

    Video I think is dervied from Latin meaning "I see" - or in the case on certain refs "I see what I wanna see" :D What about an innovation for refs - head cams
  4. eagletv

    Have we appointed a new coach? Che Guevara?
  5. eagletv

    I agree and good to have around Christmas time, perhaps something to bring up via the supporters club? why not have photobooks too? someone like Vistaprint could do these. The club ought to have a process for looking at fans suggestions. I have another - why can't we buy stuff online - perhaps our links with Bramall Lane may allow this in future? editted here - this doesn't include what we can get from Kukri As will as shirts etc you could also see away travel tickets all you need back is an confirmation email ref number.
  6. eagletv

    Well, DVDs will be obsolete soon. Will they then become Blu-ray refs or MPEG4 refs Where will all this end
  7. eagletv - free highlights service Is this classed as artistic licence?
  8. eagletv

    I think that the pic of ESO and his snowman ought to be the testcard for Eagles TV
  9. eagletv

    I already posted on another thread but in order to keep responses in one place. It's a great innovation making use of the technology that's available and shows that the Eagles are a progressive club. I don't really need to listen to local radio anymore for information and I can be sure that the info on here is correct rather than names being incorrect etc. And it does allow people not in the local area to get the news at the same time as anyone else.
  10. Irish Pub Toulouse

    Cheers BE, Being a squeamish northerner I'd like to find somewhere where they actually cook the meat for more than 5 seconds. May try breakfast here
  11. Irish Pub Toulouse

    Has anyone been here and more so eaten here? Well obviously some people will have .....
  12. Weather

    They are actually a pair of Franny Maloney's underpants and yes he does need them back
  13. Weather

    In-laws live a bit nearer to that part of the world (just over the hills) close to Holmfirth and a similar story there. BBC weather for Bury/Salford suggests freezing overnight which doesn't sound good.
  14. Weather

    Looking outide, I think that there may be more matches called off today
  15. Eagles TV

    Means I don't have to switch over from Hirsty's Daily Dose on the off chance that there may be a 5 second clip on Sheffield. As for ESO - media tart!