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  1. Well after a bad month things are looking up.. Leedswill want to avoid Saints again
  2. Hull KR shock Wigan to gain Challenge Cup victory

    Their are plenty of cup final tickets on sale in Wigan from Saturday lol
  3. three top clubs, Warrington/Wigan and Saints in tonights ties.. but under 15000 combined at their games.. pathetic... I guess about 30, 000 couldn't be bothered.
  4. Who do Wigan play in next
  5. Fancy, Wigan dropping down soon and playing with the championship teams.. oh dear Sean, job not safe then
  6. Morning.. 0915 had a lie in.. lol

  7. 6/6 about right... 25 minutes

  8. cos we havnt lost.. that's how it works out
  9. Tell you don't like them.. bet penalty count was 50/50
  10. Everton only one game away from relegation zone now,, well done Burnley

  11. Just had a full tin of Ambrosia Rice Pudding..Not had one since I moved in here and was forgetting how much I like it.