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  1. I wonder if Russia were to challenge the RLIF in court about Scotlands inclusion at the RLWC what the result would be? All teams had to be full members,Scotland don't satisfy full membership criteria.Open & shut case.
  2. I would allocate the extra spots to Africa& Europe.So the tournament would be represented by the following Europe - 7 Oceania - 6 Americas -1 Africa - 1 Asia - 1 For the Extra Euro spot I would make it the winner of the Euro B Championship,making it a competition for countries that only uses domestic players. Asia would be more than likely represented by Lebanon or the Phillippines.
  3. Side note - I was watching the FA Cup ( Everton v Carlisle) the other night,and Carlisle have a decent little stadium there.Is there still a RL presence there?Would be ideal spot for a England v Scotland match,could promote it as 'the battle on the Border'
  4. Jones less Bishop - No under my system the minnows all play each other (2games) plus one of the big guns(1game).The big 3 play each other and just 1 minnow for their 3 games.
  5. I reckon an 8 team comp detracts from the actual RLWC.6 teams would also cost less to run and see far less blowouts which makes it a better TV product.In my comp I'd say 7-8 out of the 10 games would be competitive.
  6. I would call it the Champions Trophy as it would feature all past World Champions (Aus,NZ,Eng) plus the Euro Cup Champion (Wales),the Pacific Cup Champion (Samoa)& the winner of an intercontinental Cup for all nations outside of Europe & Oceania.So that makes it a six team competition.All 2nd tier nations would play against each other plus one of the big guns.So for instance a possible draw would look like this Week 1 Aus v NZ Eng v Samoa Wales v USA Week 2 Aus v Eng NZ v USA Samoa v Wales week 3 Aus v Wales NZ v Eng Samoa v USA FINAL 1 v 2
  7. Serbia Tour to Australia

    Cetnik - Anyword on whether or not the Trbjoevic brothers will make themselves available in November?
  8. Radford proposes Super 8's change

    Why not just make it 4 points for a win in the super 8 stage?
  9. How about Fieldball.As in the game born in HuddersFIELD and played on a field.We can take footballs approach ,Football in countries where it's popular and Soccer where it's developing.So the proper name would always be Rugby League but in newer countries Fieldball can be the name of our great sport.
  10. I was hoping a spot would of been put aside for countries who only use home grown domestic players rather than a whole team of grandparent ring inns.As it stands Wales Ireland and Italy will qualify.Serbia Russia Ukraine have no chance.Greece beat Serbia last year with 8 Australian based players, so imagine what they will do to them with a whole squad of them.IMO it should be 50-50 split of heritage/domestic players in a match day squad of 18.
  11. Does anyone kmow how many players in the 20 man squad were born in thier respective country.Has James Mcmanus been approached?Im assuming the 4 Edinburgh Eagles players but are there anymore?On the subject of the Eagles it must be tough on the other clubs in the Scottish league.Is it time for the Eagles to step up a level?I dont know what that level maybe.Or perhaps another Edinburgh side is needed to bring them back to the field.?I would love for the team with greatest ever name to make a comeback the mighty Portabello Playboys.