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  1. RIP Gary Coyle

    Lost for words. A genuine supporter, a man of opinions which he stated without fear or favour and a real RL guy through and through. A sad loss - RIP.
  2. Mount Pleasant.

    See you're getting into your stride again Billy! Don't you think "liar" is an unnecessarily aggresive term to use in the context of a debate in a fans' forum? Suppose I'll be on the end of something similar now.
  3. Season ticket watch

    Plank - in my opinion of course
  4. Today's performance

    No, I'm sorry Coolie, you got me there. Is it about the 50 points and the clean sheet?
  5. Sunday

    Who said that? They have obviously not encountered Eddie's searing repartee and incisive invective!
  6. Ainscough

    You're loving this Coolie - bet you're breaming all over your face.
  7. Relegation zone looming

    Ouch! That's a low one.
  8. Putting it in perspective

    Think you're getting to the stage of laying it on with a trowel Billy. Yawn.
  9. Putting it in perspective

    Dead right! What is said is irrelevant in the context of respect for the right of others to express their opinions. As Voltaire said, "I may not agree with a word you say, but would defend to the death your right to say it". (not sure about the death bit, mind! )
  10. doncaster game

    Summed it up perfectly GOR. Just human nature and freedom of speech, wouldn't expect anything else.
  11. Update on Johnny Campbell

    It's a shame alright but very glad things seem to have gone well so far.
  12. Massive respect

    Ability is not a protected characteristic as defined by the Equality Act. Something tells me you know that only too well. Amusing though. :-)
  13. Come on then, lets be having it

    Just imagine if you ever came out with anything but tripe. Now that would be a sensation
  14. Come on then, lets be having it

    Surely you were not expecting either wit or logic from the moron. He only emerges from under his rock when he believes he can have a childish gloat. You should ignore him; he never has anything constructive to say.
  15. The vicious circle

    I personally don't regard Batley as a small club, but many others succumb to that perception. What we need is to move away from the small- minded mentality that creates many of our problems. There is a distinct lack of ambition holding us back.