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  1. Pre match grub. Come on Barrow

  2. Sp1der

    V Whitehaven 18/1/15

    What a game! Well done all involved a top team effort. Looking forward to next week. Sp1der
  3. Sat outside gala bingo in Morecombe is she inside getting more of a fix in the lates? or has she come out? Phone isn't on so here's guessing!

  4. Another junior win for Bex and 13th out of 15 in the Adults fishing match with 3lb 6oz

  5. Another.. last match of the year for Bex tomorrow at Redwell fishery. New Preston innovations seat box to christen against the best Cumbrian match anglers.

  6. Just got a late Christmas present Barrow Raiders 2013 season ticket. More match day money for the Barrow Raiders Bar ;-)

  7. Poor kids in the M6 crash especially on Christmas Day!

  8. Bex gingerbread house needs help ;-)

  9. Blonde moment Bex wrapping potatoes and oranges for her mum that she asked us to buy for Sunday lunch!

  10. Nice bit of free grub and food at Ted Carter's in Preston, but £400 lighter! Lucky Bex!

  11. 3.5 mile walk. Geocache maintenance. Animal park. Stagger inn. Bouncy castle. GT5 time ;-)

  12. South lakes animal park here we come ;-)

  13. Bex 2013 Barrow Raiders shirt with no autographs yet ;-)

  14. Bar stewards just tried three chocs and they were all rubber tw&ts...