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  1. elmagic

    Bottom 8,

    Wasnt a fan but its Getting a bit boring blaming bastion again and again? Cambell apointed Bastion fact so hes responsible for the fallout ,hes also responsible for signing the cheques for the players that came in under Bastion and the job he did. Fisal didnt sign them as he had no money remember. Wasnt smeaton kept on by bastion during his bad injury but left due to not getting a game under Hay? Also pretty sure that Kain left for the same reason and nothing to do with Bastion. Im getting bored of hearing its all his fault. hes been gone ages but we still blame the same stuff? To me sharp needs to man up...get rid of the people who are responsible for decent blokes like Powel and Sheridan losing their jobs. Good thing about it is that Sharp im told knows who the backstabbers are and plans to get rid in the very near future. If he does this he will give himself half a chance next year. if he doesnt then he will be out of work this time next year. Jobs for the boys mentality needs to go. Powell didnt stand for it and left as did Sheridan .Clear the decks of the old guards that have too much say otherwise we will be talking about the same things on here every season.
  2. elmagic


    Agree about the attachment to players MM but not to the club? We love the place..but can see where your coming from.
  3. elmagic


    I agree Lowfield...a change will probably do him good plus its a big earner (Im guessing ) off the wagebill whilst we get ourselves sorted.Best of Luck to him tho smashing bloke.
  4. elmagic


    Totally agree with you JT but im guessing MC is being pulled allover the place at the moment.Im sure hes aware someone needs to speak to the players and find out how they feel etc but to me thats part of the coaches remit . Players are bound to get upset when the likes of Samutt are coming in for one game here and there every other week thats the down side to DR. Look at sharp last weekend? he was our form player for the first quater of the year now hes coming off the bench? an out an out winger on the bench? you think hes going to be happy with that?
  5. elmagic


    Heppy stated he couldnt commit due to his injuries. Thinks like this happen, the team needed an overall i said that after our woeful performance against Batley in the play offs. Finn aside i agree with the changes. (but even then i could see the reason behind Finn going in place of new blood tho granted it hasnt worked). to me finn looked tired and out of sorts towards the back end of his last season with us, the change of scenery has done him the world of good....Be intresting to see how he goes the back end of this year and certainly next as looks to me watching on tv that the adrenaline is wearing off and the games catching up with him a bit? Halliwell was AH decision like with JB's decisions we dont have to agree with but need to support!
  6. elmagic


    I for one dont think he will be around for long but whilstever hes the man ill give him my support. I agree with the shambles bit but i also think we will come through the otherside once the circus dies down!
  7. elmagic


    And now look at us....understand our 20s couldnt field a full 17 against sheffield on sat??
  8. elmagic


    Think we need to get off the blame it all on JB bandwaggon?? Id say AH is doing a far worse job with supposedly better players? Im giving AH a chance to prove me wrong like i was prepared to do with JB until he was sacked 10 games in? In his defence he wasnt losing games to Workington and Rochdale was he?
  9. elmagic

    Week 2 predictions

    Warriors to win by 12 Rochdale to win by 12 Waterhead to win by 22 Judes to win by 8. Im a Div 1 Guy lol