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  1. Scot Turner Luke Cooper Corey Aston
  2. Davies griffin knowles A great team effort from all the squad . Nearly did them but it was the great escape for Hull KR
  3. Well done to LD in sponsoring Rovers. A local company showing some belief in the club. Just what we need
  4. Davies Bossy briscoe great team performance and some nice rugby. Did a better ref make a difference?
  5. Davies handley ashton
  6. Davies thackery walton
  7. From where l stood I thought many of the calls for "forward pass" were harsh and seemed to be influenced by the chorus of forward from the Bradford fans. It was quite telling that they failed to advise the ref in a similar manner when it involved Bradford. Unfortunately the ref also seemed to miss a fair bit including two good tries and a drop out that became a 20mtr restart. Would be nice to have a dry pitch and a decent ref on Sunday.
  8. Davis carlyle hardman
  9. Sunday night kick is poor on part time players who are likely to be up for work the next day. Glad to see Eagles have players welfare at heart
  10. We have had some fantastic rugby in recent times. The championship sees some very good and competitive rugby. It's also a pity the rfl let sky take it over from Premier sports. I turned the Thursday game off between hull and Catalan. SL is dull and boring stuff in most parts. Championship it getting better and we need to ensure the rfl do not water the competition down just to keep some SL chiefs happy. Keep it up Mark
  11. Davies Thackery Knowles outstanding performance from all the team and well done to them and all the backroom staff. UTR
  12. Davies ulugia hardman A tight game . Need to cut out silly penalties to keep pressure on teams. Could have done with more kicking options as we did not pose many questions for oldham. Still 2 out 2 games though
  13. Tough choice this week . A great team performance from all involved . For me, however it's. Davies Tagged Cooper
  14. Nice set of fans. Hope it works out for them and the players. Would be a good move for them playing in a nice stadium and extra income for Fev rovers
  15. Davies Cooper Thackery