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  1. Tough choice this week . A great team performance from all involved . For me, however it's. Davies Tagged Cooper
  2. Nice set of fans. Hope it works out for them and the players. Would be a good move for them playing in a nice stadium and extra income for Fev rovers
  3. Davies Cooper Thackery
  4. Mcnally would be a good signing for Kippax amateur dramtics
  5. I had a quick look on the rfl disciple page. There are pages of players whose conduct is under the microscope from last weekend. It must be a good earner for the panel as they seem very busy. It must be hard for players to make a split second decision on a tackle knowing the consequences of getting it accidently wrong could cost them and the club. Obviously the science of hindsight must help the panelimmensely
  6. Ellis Davies Bostock These three did a boat load of work in the tackling department. With 47 45 and 40 respectively. Thanks to opta stats for the info
  7. I am now expert bit it has to be tough to play against those who have all week to prepare or rest. Last two games spoilt by to clowns with the whistle who gave every decision to to full timers. For me the middle 8's is about the extra cash and using this experience to get better and stronger for 2017. Up the rovers
  8. Stunning result from all the players. Must be up there with some of finest games in a Fev shirt.
  9. They also charge another £5 at the Bulls stadium to sit down and that,s on top of the £22 to get in . They still think they are the kings of super league . They are a championship side just like the rest of us. Nowt special
  10. He played well for the Eagles last season. My recollection was he had a very long lay off in the 2014 season due an injury. Not sure he got a chance at Fax. It's ironic that he is more likely to be playing middle 8's rugby at Batley than Fax are
  11. It is well documented the numbers of players we have had lost through injury and we have still been competitive this year . Some super clubs have suffered the same fate as fev and sighted that is why they are in the bottom four of super league . I see the reason why fev have defied the odds is the players and coaching staff with a strong team spirit , strong defence and having nearly all the squad fit and playing together