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  1. D11

    There was a game at CP yesterday!

    I think you are spot on there Morty. The cash available determines the players the club can afford and some clubs stretch beyond affordability to get the players they need to push up the league tables. I would Back Cresta for another 2 seasons before making any judgments.
  2. D11

    Well done BOD

    Well done to all involved, the season is starting off extremely well. Unfortunately due to family commitments I must rely on the forum for the results but lets hope it continues to get the club back up.
  3. Thanks Vicky Martin for the nomination7 facts about me1. I love my wife2. My wife is also my soul mate3. I love my 2 boys4. I have no time for people that peave me off5. I take pride in my work6. My family come first7. I completed my bucket list which consisted of a.Diving with Great white sharks off South Africab. Flying a helicopterc. Driving a formula 1 card. Doing a parachute jumpe. Doing a hot air balloon rideIf I could add one thing to my bucket list it would have been...

  4. Missing the one guy in my life i could talk to about anything in the world

  5. It has been one year to the day since I married Vicky Martin and together we have made it the best year of our lives We have received the greatest wedding anniversary present in the form of our baby son Max. Vicky has made me the happiest man on earth and i look forward to spending every moment with Vicky and Max xxx

  6. Thank you to My beautiful wife and all my friends and family for the birthday wishes

  7. D11

    Floodlight Fund

    Question to John Spoor Looking at the January up date the funding is going really well and hopefully on target. What is the latest figure ? and is the money that Darren Holt donated from his 2014 agreed salary still being added ?
  8. Happy Valentines to my beautiful Wife and mother to be. You are the best and love you forever xxx

  9. Why wont my wife allow me a second man draw ?

  10. Happy new year to all

  11. D11

    Away games

    I fear for the financial survival of Doncaster and Barrow this year and in the event that Barrow does stay up I think the coffers would not sustain another 12 months at the bottom of Championship.
  12. Can you believe that some Idiots think the world will end some time today ? I dont believe it as ive checked the consume by dates on all my food and beer and there dated well into next week lmao

  13. Just back from a week in Scotland with my better half

  14. Happy Martin :-)