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  1. I think you are spot on there Morty. The cash available determines the players the club can afford and some clubs stretch beyond affordability to get the players they need to push up the league tables. I would Back Cresta for another 2 seasons before making any judgments.
  2. D11

    Well done BOD

    Well done to all involved, the season is starting off extremely well. Unfortunately due to family commitments I must rely on the forum for the results but lets hope it continues to get the club back up.
  3. Question to John Spoor Looking at the January up date the funding is going really well and hopefully on target. What is the latest figure ? and is the money that Darren Holt donated from his 2014 agreed salary still being added ?
  4. D11

    Away games

    I fear for the financial survival of Doncaster and Barrow this year and in the event that Barrow does stay up I think the coffers would not sustain another 12 months at the bottom of Championship.
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