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  1. Brisbane Broncos hoody for sale XL

    Has the hoody gone yet . If not I've sent you a pm.
  2. Feast Your Eyes!

    Yes RS. ...that stand is the first one you come to after you've turned into the car park . ..and if you get there early enough there is an Indian restaurant attached to the ground ( presume it was previously their social club ) so you can enjoy a good curry before the match . If you want the usual sports ground stuff they sell hot drinks , pies and peas , burgers etc inside the ground and all at reasonable prices.
  3. Feast Your Eyes!

    Well the bar is at the back of the stand behind the goals in OLI's first picture so that might be most fans first choice .
  4. Daily Express Rugby League Report.

    Not sure why but Roughyedz has posted nothing but negative comments for years . As we are constantly reminded everyone has the right to express their opinions on this forum so he is entitled to continue in this vein if he chooses ...whether or not you like this ... but you don't need to read it ...just do what I do ...see the name ....ignore the posting.
  5. Superleague grand final

    I had the privilege to be at both matches .. I am sure I'll remember both in 10 years time ....but I am a Roughyed so only one will make me smile .
  6. Superleague grand final

    I've been to a few Grand Finals and always enjoyed the occasion . It's already a sell-out and there's no love lost between the 2 sides so the atmosphere and the match should be pretty special . The Charlatans are providing the pre-match entertainment so worth getting there early . Hope you have a great night MR but can't agree about the outcome's anyone but Wigan for me so I'll be a Roughyed Rhino for the night
  7. Lynn McGinnity.........