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  1. The Club Name

    Roughyed is the nickname for the people of Oldham and came about by the town making rough felt hats many years ago. It gradually became associated as the nickname of the towns rugby club over time. I was told many years ago that it refered to the clubs supporters and not particularly the team. As Roary is now the mascot of the club why not have him wearing a large felt hat like the town used to make, ( I am sure we must be able to find pictures of them in the towns archives)after all as well as the club mascot Roary is a supporter as well.
  2. Next season.

    To cap it all a weekend away in France.
  3. Question

    In today,s economic climate Oldham Council cannot afford to build a super sport stadium from for the towns two professional clubs to share. A stadium for both the latics and the rugby should have been built over twenty years ago first at Westwood ( Now B & Q ) but the Latics chairman at the time did not want the move. Then there was Sports Park 2000 which was stopped by the save Clayton Fields protesters who had no interest in sport. You cannot change history just learn from it. There is now not the same interest or intent on the council to provide a stadium for sport. Playing at Bower Fold is fine. Its a nice little stadium but it is not in Oldham. Our best option, in my opinion is to try and negotiate a deal with the Latics at BP. Develop Whitebank the way it has been suggested and let Avro FC play their along with the latics reserve teams and keep BP for first team games with a decent playing service. Both clubs need better management to move towards a better future. The main problem is. Can SC and CH come to any kind of agreement.? Or would they step down for the benefit of both clubs if other investors where prepared to come on board to rebuild for a future for both clubs. THAT IS THE QUESTION.
  4. We appear to owe Oldham Council £70,000

    The Council did not rob us of Watersheddings it was sold to Oldham bears along with the training pitch for over £2.5 million. The difference between leding money to the laticas and us they have assets to secure the debt we don,t.
  5. Question

    I don't think that any supporter can do anything but applaud the effort the players and coaches have put in all through the season to maintain the clubs position in the championship. The problem is not on the field but off it. The club is run by one person and as such is not accountable to anyone as long as he submits his accounts to companies house. That creates a big problem s he can do what is required. This he does and can be downloaded from the companies house web site for £1.00 The problem with a companies accounts is they are abbreviated and do not show the profit & Loss account so you do not get the full picture of how the debts have arisen. The club should be playing in the town to get maximum support in a stadium fit for purpose. Why are we not at BP? What was the reason we cant play there? Has the truth been revealed. Whitebank is not and I doubt if it ever will be fit for purpose.. As the lease has been given back to the council one would assume that we can have no or very little involvement with it in the future. The debt concerning Whitebank is not owed to the council but to the council tax payers of Oldham the majority of whom do not follow or support the club. To run up and debt associated with the lease for the use of Whitebank is bad management on behalf of the club and also on behalf of the Council when their budget his being cut year on year by the government and services to people across the borough are being cut. Ask those people if a sporting limited company should be allowed to run up debts at their expense. The club needs new investors to come on board with investment but until they can see and analyse the books to their satisfaction it will never happen. The club and the management have never been forthcoming to go along this route and investors have been lost. As long as this situation prevails the club will never be back playing the top teams or reaching Super League. A one man band ( which is what the club is ) will never achieve it. CH should admit he can do no more on his own and should ask and welcome new investors into the club and open up the books and position of the club to honest investors. Whatever should have happened in the past with promises and plans from various factions should be left in the past as it is historical fact that can not be changed. The future is what matters and those in a position to explain the true facts and embrace those who want to come to the assistance of the club. Are they ready to change and take the plunge or can they adopt the Oldham motto SAPERE AUDE and. DARE TO BE WISE.
  6. Steve Gartland

    What a wonderful turn out at Steve's funeral today by so many of the rugby league family. A lot of tears and accolades for a true servant of the game and the clubs he played for.
  7. A bit of dog and fight

    A very poor defensive performance today. Our kicking game was terrible and we did not deserve to win. The officials were very poor, in particular the referee. Some of the decisions were a bit bewildering. Do the players think the season is all over. Playing like that when w, and they, know they can play better is an insult to the fans.
  8. whats going on

    There used to be a lot of tackles that were automatic dismissals. Tripping, Stiff Arm, punching and gouging seem to get penalty sufficient or similar. Tripping can break a players leg. Gouging can blind a player and punching can cause serious injuries. All could be classed as assault outside of a rugby field. If a player is injured in a match by foul play by an opponent and has to miss matches then the aggressor should miss the same amount of matches without pay. Little or no discipline in a match fuels problems for the game.
  9. SD Community Champion

    You have forgot Chorley.
  10. Championship Side in Trouble

    Casing the Super League Dream is the Problem. The play off system involving the bottom 4 in Super League and the top 4 in the championship was set up to protect the super league sides from relegation. Without sky money how many SL sides would be in trouble. Unless the SL have a relegation system with one up and one down promotion to and from Super League it will be near impossible to get promoted to SL Rugby League should let Super League go on its own re structure the championship one and two and give them more of the money. Have a promotion system with the bottom team in the championship and top of championship 1 being relegated and promoted automatically.It his not right that a team at the top of championship one should have to go through a play off system they should be promoted as of right. we could then have a play off in championship one involving teams in positions 2,3,4,5 the winners to play the second from bottom in the championship for the right to play in the championship. We could bring back the old Lancashire and Yorkshire cups in some capacity and have our own Challenge cup and championship trophies in both leagues. Rugby league could be expanded with new teams in Championship one with teams in the midlands in Anglia and other areas were rugby league is growing stronger,also in Scotland and Ireland resulting in two good leagues outside of Super League. Give all clubs something more to aim for within their own divisions.
  11. Steve Gartland RIP

    Very Sad news. have known Steve since he was at school. Condolences to his family to Maureen and Sean. Now reunited with Brian. RIP
  12. Average Attendances

    Which 2500 fans are you talking about. Its a long time since we had crowds of that size.
  13. What's going on?.

    If we are going to use DR players we need players with some pedigree not young players.
  14. Half Back Problem.

    Of the three half backs I prefer Roper and Grimshaw. If we had Palfrey on with them we could have two in the halves and one at loose forward. Palfrey is a good goal kicker but his open play is not as good as Roper vand Grimshaw. Naylor needs to decide which is his best combination and keep to it.
  15. Summer bash

    our forwards ran the show in the first half and their backs ran the show in the second half. Swinton did not look like scoring until they scored their try after Palfreys penalty not finding touch. That set them on a roll. Their half backs totally dominated the second half. In regard to the conversation it looked to be over but the problem is that the touch judges today dont stand in the right position. They should be on the dead ball line lining up the ball with the post to have the best view. not stood at the side of the post. The referee cannot overrule both the touch judges. The officials did not lose us the game we lost it ourselves. Swinton should never have got back in the game from 20 points down. They changed their tactics to plan B. We had no plan B