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  1. WRknight

    Dual reg

    I am sure it will depend on the individual players concerned, and the level of intensity of play that rovers think they need.
  2. WRknight

    Sunday's match

    I see that Keiron Moss is not in KR's 19 man squad this weekend, I wonder if he will be made available for us.
  3. WRknight

    2018 Squad

    I see that Tim Sheens is thinking of recalling Kieran Moss to Hull KR.
  4. WRknight

    We're York and we're proud of it

    Watching on the BBC, I watched the penalty offence that led to their second try over and over and could not see why the penalty was given. Usual refereeing started giving us penalties at the end of the match when it didn't matter.
  5. Watched the game from Cyprus and have to say that I am so proud of every player in a York shirt today. Fantastic effort, some superb tries and a great match to watch.
  6. WRknight

    Game day.

    Never a penalty that led to their second try. York still in this and doing themselves proud, as we always knew they would.
  7. WRknight

    Game day.

    Good luck to the lads, all prepared for the game in sunny Cyprus. Thank goodness for the BBC.
  8. WRknight

    South v North

    As for the ticket situation, there was a long queue for tickets when I got there and only two people serving. They will have to get their act together when the Bulls come to town.
  9. WRknight

    Doncaster game

    I am going to the Doncaster game by train, is the stadium walkable or will I need to take a taxi.
  10. WRknight

    Today’s game

    I think he has some of job at Keighley.
  11. WRknight

    Oldham away.

    I understand that Gav, I just think it backfired on them, due to resting a number of players with Saturday in mind.
  12. WRknight

    Oldham in the cup

    The Halifax coach has said in the local press that he rested a number of players because of Saturday's game, however the team he put out should have been good enough but clearly were not.
  13. WRknight

    Oldham in the cup

    As a York City Knights fan who attended the game, I think Oldham stuck to their game plan especially in the first half. They looked up for it, whereas Halifax looked a shadow of the team they were last season.
  14. WRknight

    Oldham away.

    Went to the Halifax v Oldham game tonight. Thought Oldham were by far the better side, certainly puts our win into perspective. The only negative, why did they play the game on a Tuesday night 4 days before Halifax play Toulouse. Only 600 there which is really poor for a Championship side.
  15. WRknight

    Kieren Moss

    Short three quality props, and a center to my mind. Robbo is excellent but he can't do it all oh his own. Horne is a good player but no prop.