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  1. Kicking game was poor, we just didn't contest high kicks giving the defender all the time in the word to take the kick and run it out. This was my first game of the season (due to work comments) and I hope I didn't jinx them.
  2. There is no wonder the game is knackered. Just watched the 1 o'clock news on the BBC, not a single mention of the England v New Zealand game on the same channel an hour later. Good piece on the women's netball team though.
  3. Robbo will do a good job for you. I personally think that it was his appearance on Rugby AM that blotted his copy book with us.
  4. Betfred coverage absolute garbage. I think we have seen 9 minutes play in the first half. Thank god for Radio York !!!!!!!
  5. Good luck to the knights from Cyprus, ko 5pm local time can't wait to watch us clinch the Championship.
  6. Only residents of Cyprus can log in in Cyprus !!!!!!
  7. Unfortunately I am still in Cyprus, I did try to come home early for the match, but the wife was having non of it. So I for one would much rather they showed the York game, and I have told them as much.
  8. Will be reduced after 2022 so that SL clubs can keep more themselves. Stupid and shortsighted, so many clubs are struggling now, so how is that going to improve on less funding.
  9. Watching the game on our league app from Cyprus, I have to say we were very, very lucky. Our options in attack were very poor in the second half, just lucky they wasted so much possession. Anyway a wins a win.
  10. If you read some of the reports of the game, you will see why more supporters from Catalan were unable to make the trip. Having the final so soon after the semi-finals gives no one chance to save up, the final was over a bank holiday weekend when travel and accommodation prices are at a premium, and they are a working class town like so many in the rugby league family.
  11. It might depend on promotion.
  12. WRknight

    Dual reg

    I am sure it will depend on the individual players concerned, and the level of intensity of play that rovers think they need.
  13. I see that Keiron Moss is not in KR's 19 man squad this weekend, I wonder if he will be made available for us.
  14. I see that Tim Sheens is thinking of recalling Kieran Moss to Hull KR.
  15. Watching on the BBC, I watched the penalty offence that led to their second try over and over and could not see why the penalty was given. Usual refereeing started giving us penalties at the end of the match when it didn't matter.
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