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    Harlequins RL fan, shortly moving to Hemel so starting to look out for the Stags
  1. Burgess brothers set to rewrite history

    Plus Julie Burgess is PR gold. This is a story that can chime with people outside of the sport and really get folk interested.
  2. Wood pays tribute to Northern Rail winners

    Only 300? Sounded like a lot more than that! Some great noise from that part of the stand. I do hope the competition keeps going as for me it goes back to why we support our teams. Ultimately, to see them win trophies - nothing beats that, even if it is a 'minor' trophy. I get the comparisons with football's Johnstone's Paint Trophy. I've seen my team lose the final of that competition three times now and each time it was a right kick in the teeth, although if we go out in the first round I'm never massively bothered. I would be thrilled to see Hemel in the NRB Final next year.
  3. Wood pays tribute to Northern Rail winners

    Not one of ours I hope? Poor form that. Some lad from Batley tagged on to us after a while, I think one of the gang was hoping to adopt him they were getting so close.
  4. Wood pays tribute to Northern Rail winners

    Correct - I was the lucky bloke dressed as a (Wests) Tiger who was charged with applying the paint to our very own Gloucestershire All Gold! Good buzz around that pub and also in The Railway post match.
  5. Wood pays tribute to Northern Rail winners

    Thought it was a cracking day - felt a little bit low key though. If we're to assume that Blackpool is a 'no' due to cost and Halifax due to it being an RL club ground and perhaps having a bit of a 'small' feel to it, what would be a good option for next year? By the way, to anyone who was there, please accept my apologies for the chap in the Speedos and the gold paint.
  6. Hope the players put on a good show - taking a load of RL virgins as part of a stag weekend, so hopefully they'll all be impressed and want to see some more RL in the future!
  7. Really looking forward to Saturday; should be a cracking afternoon.
  8. If Cameron giving a mention to the RLWC sells just one extra ticket then it's worth it. Chapeau to Greg Mulholland too for his good work.

    Ta for that. As for FL grounds, well over fifty, including ones that have been demolished. Bootham Crescent is within walking distance to the (excellent) city centre and there is a terrace for away fans - two big ticks in the box for me. Far better than (say) St Mary's (Southampton) or the Keepmoat, which are just dull lego stadia, albeit with good facilites.

    Going off topic a little here, but what's the future for Bootham Crescent? I was up there watching Southend United in April and it's already in my top ten of Football League grounds, but I understand York City FC are moving?

    When the Aussie kit is done right it's one of the best in all sports, never mind just RL. They've cocked it up this time though - looks like a pub team kit.

    Although the Oxford shirt doesn't look quite so good in this pic: Liking Hemel's though; that'll be a buyer.

    Home shirt 8/10, away shirt 2/10.