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    And self awareness issues
  2. Forum

    I don't know Saddleworth, I hear not. It's pretty irrelevant to me having never fallen foul of moderators on a personal level. I think. Although I may disagree with some of the moderation I think most of my posts are pretty much down the middle. As most of my friends will testify I'm a very calm, unassuming,sober individual. Now getting my daughter to teach me how to use Facebook (against her will) contrary to my post above.
  3. Forum

    I've chosen to stay clear of Facebook so far. I probably will still choose to avoid it. I disagreed with quite a few of the comments made on the locked threads. I found some of them bordering on offensive, for example the references to the ethnic population in Heavy Woollen etc. However they have the right to have those opinions and I have the right to disagree with them. It's a forum that has rules and moderators. We either accept those rules or walk away. The heart of the issue in my opinion is the moderation of the forum and if it's moderated correctly or poorly. Its not a democracy,so the moderators opinion and decision is final irrespective of its fairness,accuracy or interptretation of the laws of defamation, libel etc. There lies the problem. It's been quite an interesting journey watching the slow death of this forum. There have been some great highlights and characters(irrespective of their issues and baggage) At its best it was informative and I have really enjoyed the views and opinions of many of the contributors. At its worst, words fail me but I suppose that was part of the fun. I've even enjoyed the lessons in 1960s banking principles and their relationship to land values. I still pmsl every time I drive past Farmer Copleys. Better stop now or I might say something nice about Griff. But then again.........
  4. MOM Batley vs Fev

    Bostock - I didn't think he could do that role. Hard graft and hard yards for a large part of the game. Moore Baldy
  5. MOM Fev vs Leigh

    Irwin Wood Bossy
  6. Today V Bulls

    Robin - Six minutes early and your justification at the time was " I need a kin drink" if I remember correctly. I was ten minutes late as I had driven back from France that morning so I stayed to the bitter end as painful as it was.We are all wired differently - pointless argument as to how we measure or judge a true fan. I struggled to get my head around the lads stood at the bar as I was rushing in. I get people disappearing for a pint before the end, that's their perogative. I don't get missing the match whilst at the bar in front of the stand, seems very strange but swells the coffers I suppose.
  7. MOM Don vs Fev

    Ellis Woods James
  8. MOM Fev vs Hunslet

    1 Irwin 2 Woods 3 Hitchcox
  9. Past player

    He certainly was BP. I used to deliver papers to his house on Carleton road in ponte during the mid 70's. He once gave me a right bollo ing for leaving half the paper hanging out in the rain. I will never forget his try against Wakey when we won 52-0 and he laughed his way to the try line from 30 yards out.
  10. MOM Fev vs Lock Lane

    BP - whilst I admire your passion for the club. I don't think the last part of your posting helps matters. This is now history, we are trying to move on. Irrespective of the truth, your comments are emotive and potentially slanderous. Let's not get our chairman dragged into issues resulting from what I guess was a private conversation. No doubt my comments will get all the anti- Campbell gang fired up again.
  11. Learn from the three mistakes

    £400k was the figure . I seem to remember you recording the presentation. Mark used the expression "sweating the assets" of the club. This thread started with a fan venting his frustration about matters and it's his right to do so. However when Mark outlined the plans and I thought about our situation compared to other clubs and their attempts to build etc, it gives me hope for our future.our club will earn revenue away from the pitch not just on it. Not many other clubs can come close to this This is a long journey and we will have set backs, that's just how it is. I wouldn't swap places with any club. Please don't anyione post about selling the land for housing again or I will start self harming.
  12. Which Pub ?

    It never used to be a debate, it was always the Graziers. A decent pint of Tetleys and then onto Belle Vue or the theatre club. Good days.
  13. moore

    Can't disagree with that Steve
  14. moore

    These lists are subjective and obviously depend upon the age of the person. I would have the name D.Fox mentioned twice in addition to S.Nash. I can just remember Don Fox playing when I was a kid. I have been very lucky to watch these players, and it's part of the reason I still come down - waiting for the next one. I have fond memories of your Uncle Phil - he gave everything. I seem to remember him getting involved briefly in a game he wasn't actually playing in. Not sure if any video still exists of that incident versus the touring Aussies. If he hasn't mentioned it to you ask him about it.
  15. Which Pub ?

    Let's face it Robin you are not Rolf's target market, but the prospect of you drinking in the Con Club is something I would have bet my house against.