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  1. Shaun Briscoe leaves Widnes Vikings

    He played 14 mins for us then pulled up with a injury could be a few weeks
  2. Shaun Briscoe leaves Widnes Vikings

    Go shaun lad UP THE TOWN
  3. Shaun Briscoe leaves Widnes Vikings

    Were do u think he will go
  4. Town v cougers

    Now to be played on a weds 14th aug night 8 pm kick off And away to fev 30th june
  5. Aw my god

    We kicked a 40/20 I cant belive it hahahahahaha
  6. Cup Draw

    Another test for london could sheff make it to the semifinal
  7. Callum phillips

    Happy 21st callum n nice photo in times and star lol class
  8. See you at DP 3rd March

    My 21st town at home win good day all round
  9. Adam sidlow

    Signed for bradford for 2 years Adam you could of come back to town lol
  10. Who won what last night?

    Who got player ov year n what av u
  11. New tops

    Any yan any idea when the new tops are out this year we should be haven them out asap long before x mas
  12. Sportsmans dinner

    Well done to all from traverlers rest supporters club what a night was class longey is unreal