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  1. What happens to.people who.bought season tickets in good faith. Will they be reembursed or expected a new one with the new club If this is the case i find it hard to.believe the rfl should not help.these poor fans who backed a club they loved. Just to be possibly told they a new ticket again
  2. Just read rugby.league we signed greg minikin . If true what a great signing .anyone know how true this is
  3. Whats the date kev ?
  4. Getting a great player imo he had great hands b4 is injury looked great . Was gutted he got such a bad injury goodluck sam with ur career hope u can return as good as you were.
  5. Moxson wasnt a fullback imho.great center looked good at prop.but always looked uncomfatable at fullback
  6. Isnt this why we created a marketing team the club . To help.the club increase the gates.
  7. No news on the tranfer front does this mean we are done ??
  8. So is that all.our tranfers done does anyone know ? No disrepect to.the.board or the other signings but were are the exciting signing.kear was talking about. Farrell good player lad from swinton looks promising two.lads from cas look great but rest are potential . Last year we signed 4 of the best players we ever signed.
  9. All gone quiet on transfer news was hoping we might ave announced at least one of the 3 that were just waiting.on.paper work.or is that all.our tranfer business done
  10. Fev

    Well they just anounced chris and knowles moore and carlie as signed . Also duel reg with leeds too fev are going to be very strong next season two beasts at centers in chris and missi .
  11. I do.but was just.pointing.out the pit falls of chasing the elusive dream as you as a ram fan knows when ur best ever side of this era was broken up
  12. Too true its worked for bradford didnt it ?? Oh thats right it didnt guess ide rather stay as we were than chase a impossible dream of a league that wouldnt want us . Look at Keighley chased that dream and never recovered
  13. Think what he was saying too.many.players but not extra quailty.
  14. moaning.just hoping we get good players to.improve the squad thats all. Its not negativity just hoping on improving our squad
  15. Someone please tell me that our.lot other wise its a case of hope they are hidden gems. Really was hoping with the extra income we might be getting more high profile signings