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  1. Josh Hodgson for England?

    Roby and Hodgson are different types of player, Roby has by far the better running game borne out of greater more explosive pace. Hodgson, however, has for me the better all round game organisational, kicking and an improving running game. Having watched every game he has played while at Canberra, I already knew he was a good player, but he has impressed me no end, he's been exceptional. I would back up the comment that he is Cam Smith esq there are many similarlties to their styles of play. As for players being deemed as better or improving just because they are at an NRL club I dont support that, these English lads are very good players to start, however, I do believe the NRL is an environment that adds an extra 5-10% to a players performance through coaching, training and cultural influences. I also think the heightened exposure of the game adds an extra level of pressure combined with a larger player pool ie someone always ready to take your place all these variables create an environment for improved performances one in which most of our top English players would flourish. But thats a discussion for another thread.
  2. I remember talk of Gildart being the next big hope for Wigan having watched him tonight, granted out of position, I have to say he is woefully equipped to play at the top level. I did think this would be the only competitive game of the series.
  3. Have to agree its like watching lower championship clubs against top 4 SL. If we thought these 2 games were poor performances just wait till tomorrow the Cowboys pack will demolish Leeds and Thurston will set up many a try for the backs.
  4. Looking forward to seeing Roberts play, although the pitch wont really suit a speedster, he was great for the Titans last year so should be even better behind a stronger pack.
  5. It was more an analogy based on both teams performances last night not taking into account previous peformances or games although Saints also struggled to cope with Salford in a similar manner last week. Tactically Saints displayed one out 'give it to the biggest lad on the team' rugby, who incidentally got owned by Napa, whereas the Roosters did the basics almost flawlessly in the first half then simply built on that in the second half with excellent support play. Saints looked quite rudderless and when the one out rugby failed there was no plan B. Disappointing result but not unexpected unfortunately.
  6. Havent posted for many a moon but after watching last night felt compelled to wade into the discussion. Last night looked very much like a professional against semi pro side. The Roosters have an excellent squad of players very well coached by Robinson, his assessment of the game with Jon Wells was excellent and really highlighted the differences between not only the sides but the competitions as a whole. The nrl has more resources overall whether in terms of funding or player pools from which to draw and it painfully showed last night. Of the 3 games, considering how weakened saints and leeds are at the mo, only probably Wigan stand any chance of competing. Incidentaly Im looking forward to seeing Roberts for the Broncos tonight he was excellent for the Titans last year. Of the game itself last night the Roosters never really came out of second gear and Saints need to promote their young halves who sound like they have potential rather than persisting with Walsh.
  7. Favourite Pacific Islanders

    For me the original Tuilagi, to hit these shores, Freddie. Was à sensation for Halifax in the late 90s early 2000s worth the admission price alone you always knew there'd be a couple of barnstorming runs every game.
  8. Looking forward to this one, hope to see young philbin play against a good team like the rhinos he looks a solid prospect for the wire.
  9. this is a very poor performance both in attack and defence from Salford. Saints haven't really come out if second gear. You simply can't buy a winning culture you have to graft for it some of these boys heads have gone down too quick. Walne in 17 has put in a bit of a shift but that's about it, I have to say that Taylor looks less lean than he used to.
  10. RLWC2013 celebrate 100 days to go

    It's funny that should be mentioned 're the Aussie's I watch virtually every nrl game each week on prem sports and the commentators do mention on occasion that a particular player may be playing in this year's wc but there is always a slightly dismissive quality to the comment. I'm sure it would be different if it were hosted in Australia, not a dig at the aus, but they would put more iinto it if they were getting more from it. I think that now more than ever the aus really need and perhaps want a genuine challenge at international level to spark some interest.
  11. Hawk Yates joins Rhinos

    Seen him play a few times this season and he has been very good.
  12. Halifax have announced the signing Scott Murrell: http://www.halifaxrlfc.co.utk/article.php?id=26320 Not a bad signing, there looks to be a lot of good teams building up to next seasons championship, it will be more competitive than ever.
  13. Drove from Halifax to Fleetwood on Friday M62, M61, M6 and M55. Spotted 14 only 2 of which were decked out.