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  1. Statement of intent

    So really, in not so many words we are going to continue doing the same thing, which sadly is likely to yield the same result.
  2. Paul Cooke

  3. To put people's minds at rest

    Without a doubt one of Thatcher's storm troopers The Terminator...
  4. To put people's minds at rest

    Ok, question one, name the Kiwi player trumpeted as the answer to all Batley's squad hopes and dreams who was virtually ripped from our hands by an anonymous French club and has since gone on to conquer the entire world.
  5. Salary cap

    There is a difference though between the low crowd figures from the general populous and the virtual zero figure from the Asian community. We know that on occasion we can raise a big crowd (NRC Final and Grand Final run up etc) however these larger crowds have never translated to increased long term support for reasons that we assume to be things like watching RL on the TV at home or in the pub, watching Superleague teams, doing other non Rugby related things or anything else that stretches time or finances meaning watching Batley drops off the list. In regard to all the Asian families that live virtually on the doorstep of Mount Pleasant but would be very unlikely to come to a game no matter how big the challenge is different and that is something that it's vital to recognise unless we're comfortable that 16k of the local population will never be our supporters.
  6. Salary cap

    The debate is around low crowd figures of which the ethnic make up of the town is a factor and it's most certainly not bigoted to state this. What is bigoted is to blindly and relentlessly deny that this makes a difference. If the club is effectively unable to recruit fans from 34% of it's main target market then this will most certainly affect crowd figures.
  7. Salary cap

    To claim that Batley's Asian population has nothing whatsoever to do with our low crowds is naïve bordering on blinkered. It's not the only factor and may well not be the main factor but it is most certainly a factor. I don't think it's in any doubt (and I'm willing to be corrected) that Rugby League is not a sport with which the Asian community is affiliated. Cricket and football would appear to be popular in the area adjacent to Mount Pleasant but not Rugby League which I think is pretty well borne out by the number of our Asian fans which can be counted on one hand.According to the 2011 Census Batley (inc Birstall) has a population of 46,933 of which 15918 identify as British Asian Indian/Pakistani (plus some statistically insignificant Asian groups). So tackle some or all of the other issues, take action to engage the Asian families who live on the doorstep of our ground or do nothing at all but don't pretend that 34% of the local population not culturally identifying with the sport you are trying to market does not have a bearing on match attendances.