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  1. The Mighty Finn

    Any news ? Is he playing ?
  2. Away record

    Thats a very impressive record.
  3. I thought MC made a good point in his column in the match day prog on Sunday when he talked about people who tarnished the clubs name with acts of thuggery etc. He said they were traitors to our club. We should have some kind of banner/sign at the entrances informing people that it will not be tolerated and life time bans will be dished out to anybody found guilty.
  4. Injury V Dewsbury

    Anyone know if we picked up any knocks against Dewsbury...We could do with being at full strength against Halifax. There were plenty of cheap shots going in from fozzard most of them head high.,that ref was poop.
  5. Dont know if this is any good to anyone but here goes anyway... £15 -- Rugby League: See England & Wales at Wembley, Reg £25 > Source: Rugby Football League cut and paste into browser