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  1. Toulouse Toronto Bradford Halifax (only going for Fax with my heart and not my head) Swinton Leigh York
  2. Toronto Toulouse Halifax Batley Featherstone Leigh York
  3. Toronto by 24 TO by 8 Barrow by 6 Halifax by 16 Fev by 12 Swinton by 12 Widnes by 16
  4. Do we know how the funding will be sorted for the championship next year? at the moment we know the top 4 get more than the rest and also if they are going to be 2 extra clubs getting 150k at least each, where will this money come from?
  5. I have just had an email from Halifax, saying my tickets are been upgraded and to collect my new tickets on Saturday, we was due to be in block 506, no idea where we are getting put now until we collect the new tickets
  6. of course will be very tough, on paper with home advantage Toulouse should win, but i think we can nick this one by 6 points
  7. Not seen the TV footage yet, will try and have a look today. Also think tho when we had a penalty in the first half instead of running it we should have gone for the 2 points which would have put us 2-0 up.
  8. Back onto the game. Of course Fax defended very well, but our attack yesterday was not what it has been and nothing came of for us when we got in TWP 20. Didn't think the Kendall has the best of games, improve the attack next week in France and we could beat Toulouse
  9. I will be there. looking forward to this game, i believe we will give TWP a good game, My heart says we could very much surprise TWP and win this game.
  10. Widnes Vikings v London Broncos by 16 Hull Kingston Rovers v Salford Red Devils by 18 Leeds Rhinos v Toulouse Olympique by 14 Halifax v Toronto Wolfpack by 8
  11. Toronto Wolfpack v Featherstone by 16 Toulouse Olympique v Dewsbury by 44 Barrow Raiders v London Broncos by 12 Batley Bulldogs v Swinton by 16 Halifax v Rochdale by 24 Leigh Centurions v Sheffield by 24
  12. Toronto Wolfpack v Rochdale by 54 Dewsbury Rams v Batley Bulldogs by 6 Featherstone Rovers v London by 10 Halifax v Toulouse Olympique by 14 Leigh Centurions v Swinton by 36 Sheffield Eagles v Barrow by 12
  13. Toronto Wolfpack v Batley by 32 Rochdale Hornets v Leigh by 36 Sheffield Eagles v Dewsbury by 4 Swinton Lions v Featherstone by 22 London Broncos v Halifax by 6 Barrow Raiders v Toulouse by 4
  14. Toronto Wolfpack v Sheffield Eagles by 40 Toulouse Olympique XIII v London Broncos by 18 Rochdale Hornets v Swinton Lions by 8 Halifax RLFC v Featherstone Rovers by 8 Dewsbury Rams v Barrow Raiders by 8 Batley Bulldogs v Leigh Centurions by 22
  15. Toronto Wolfpack v Leigh Centurions - by 4 Barrow Raiders v Halifax - by 16 Batley Bulldogs v London Broncos - by 8 Featherstone Rovers v Rochdale Hornets - by 30 Sheffield Eagles v Toulouse Olympique - by 14 Swinton Lions v Dewsbury Rams - by 12
  16. Sheffield Eagles v Featherstone Rovers by 14 Toronto Wolfpack v Barrow Raiders by 40 Dewsbury Rams v Leigh Centurions by 32 Halifax v Batley Bulldogs by 16 London Broncos v Swinton Lions by 22 Rochdale Hornets v Toulouse Olympique by 18
  17. Toronto Wolfpack v London Broncos By 18 Toulouse Olympique v Batley Bulldogs By 24 Barrow Raiders v Rochdale Hornets By 10 Dewsbury Rams v Featherstone Rovers By 16 Leigh Centurions v Halifax By 8 (Head says Leigh, but Heart says we can do this, the pressure is on Leigh they need this win otherwise top 4 could be over for them) Sheffield Eagles v Swinton Lions By 14
  18. This is my predictions for the top 6 apart from Toronto's remaining fixtures 1st Toronto 43 pts 2nd Toulose 36Pts Batley (H) Win Leigh (H) Win Rocdale (A) Win Sheffeild (A) Win London (H) Win Barrow (A) Win Halifax (A) Lose Dewsbury (H) Win 3rd Halifax 33Pts so long as Fax beat either Fev or Toulouse at home we will get top 4 Leigh (A) Lose Swinton (A) Win Batley (H) Win Barrow (A) Win Featherstone (H) Win London (A) Lose Toulouse (H) Win Rochdale (H) Win 4th Featherstone 32Pts Dewsbury (A) win Barrow (H) Win Sheffeild (A) win Rochdale (H) Win Haliafx(A) Lose Swinton (A) win London (H) win Toronto (A) Lose 5th Leigh 30 Pts Halifax (H) win Toulouse (A) Lose Dewsbury (A) win Toronto (A) Lose Batlley (A) win Rochdale (H) win Swinton (H) win Sheffield (H) win 6th London 30 Pts Toronto (A) lose Rochdale (H) win Swinton (H) win Batley (A) win Toulouse (A) lose Halifax (H) win Featherstone (A) lose Barrow (A) win
  19. Batley Bulldogs v Halifax by 6 Swinton Lions v Rochdale Hornets by 12 We always struggle at Batley,
  20. Barrow Raiders v Sheffield Eagles - by 8 Halifax v Featherstone Rovers - by 6 Toronto Wolfpack v Leigh Centurions - by 14 Toulouse Olympique v London Broncos - by 10 Rochdale Hornets v Swinton Lions - by 2 Batley Bulldogs v Dewsbury Ram - by 10
  21. Featherstone Rovers v Leigh Centurions - By 12 Toronto Wolfpack v Toulouse Olympique - By 16 Batley Bulldogs v Rochdale Hornets - By 16 Halifax v Dewsbury Rams - By 24 London Broncos v Sheffield Eagles - By 30 Swinton Lions v Barrow Raiders - By 10
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