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  1. Leigh

    Thanks for all the nice comments guys about our team I to like Alan will miss coming to Post Office Road as I have some good mates at Fev and when I get chance love to meet up with them in the Top House and have a chat and a pint or two. Good luck next season and with all honesty hope you can join us in SL (that's if we stay up of course) I do think we will though and then we could enjoy our games together again as Fev like Leigh is a great rugby town with great loyal fans, good luck guys hope to see all my Fev mates again soon.
  2. Leigh match

    Glad about that as it wasn't a dirty game and I think it would have tarnished the occasion, good luck for the weekend guys.
  3. Leigh match

    Must come on to say how well Fev played and gave us a very hard game yet again and like as been said a clean game and yes under Jukes we have cleaned our discipline up a lot this season. We had another great day out also went to Pontefract before the game great pubs. Good luck for the rest off the eights and next season guys
  4. Leigh match

    Cheers mate, yes hope to see you also sometime during the day, take care mate.
  5. Leigh match

    Looking forward to our visit to Fev on Sunday and hope to meet up with some good friends from Fev and have a good chat about rugby, Fev like Leigh is a great rugby town and always enjoy coming over, we are going to Pontefract on the minibus before the game but hope to see all my Fev mates in the ground, good luck in the middle eights guy, except for Sunday of course, take care guys.
  6. Leigh game

    It's how we saw it mate, good luck for the future great team and great fans.
  7. Leigh game

    Just want to say how sporting you're players were staying on the pitch to watch us lift the shield and you're' a credit to rugby league fans and players alike.
  8. Get in....

    Good luck against Bradford guys from a Leyther.
  9. Frank won't be happy about that Robin, hope you're better soon mate take care.
  10. Catalan at home

    Great performance guys you're team did you and the Championship proud.
  11. Catalan at home

    Good luck tonight guys from a Leyther go and do the Championship proud.
  12. Leigh?

    Have a safe journey over guys hope it's a good game, we are not breaking any pots at the moment so it could be a close one. If any of you guys are going into Leigh town centre we will be in the George And Dragon next to the bus station if any of you fancy joining us you would be made welcome.
  13. Leigh

    Maybe mate we will have to wait and see,
  14. Leigh

    Well done Dewsbury on a great performance I don't think the final score does you justice to be fair, at half time I thought you where going to go on and win the game but I suppose your injury list and us being full time told in the end. Great away day as always when we come to Dewsbury good pubs and fans, good luck for the rest of the season guys.