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  1. What about Playoffs and the Grand Final will there be any ,and what's the structure?? Les
  2. Only one decision left to be made in 2013 and that's weather to get hopelessly drunk or utterly drunk on New Years Eve lol!!

  3. Happy Christmas peeps ,I'm off to find a DeLorean so I can go back to 1978 to play with the train set Santa brought me that year lol!!!!!

  4. Rockin out to some sweet DC live at the River Plate!

  5. Big Christmas balls to Christmas tree lights just spent 2 hours untangling the bloody things ,fibre optic next year me thinks!!!!!

  6. What's happening to my All Blacks today 15-0 down ,common guys sort it out!

  7. Well just 21 days till we find out if the Mayans where right or just ran outta room on there calendar ,anyone know where I can get a 21 day advent calendar lol ?????

  8. So Chelsea whack yet another manager, just where does a team go when the European Cup isn't enough!

  9. Howard Webb doing Arsenal v Spurs ,another 3 points for United lol!

  10. Ahh the magic of the Europa League sponsored by Pointless!!!!

  11. Anyone downloaded the new Aerosmith album yet?

  12. Halloween night with classic Alice Cooper gig on Sky : )