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  1. Yep, that's confirmed that.
  2. Steve are you related to Callum. You certainly act alike. You come on here and throw a bit of 'troll bait' (as you put it), then when you get some back you run away crying. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. You know full well that we upset some sensitive little souls and they went crying to teacher so we got told off. Funny that they took exception to us when Haven started winning and Town were going through a rough patch, must have been a coincidence. Was also noted that some really touchy people also liked the post that informed people we were banned. I wonder which brave little soldier that could have been any ideas ???
  4. By the way Callum you got owt to say about this result.
  5. Get in you beauty!!!! After that result we can only hope for a Hunslet win tomorrow. Get the POOR team out of the league. Ha ha Haven yeah righto!!! The jambos hoping they relegate us. Oh lets see them quake now.
  6. 2 Poor teams so it could go either way. I think the fixture list has been very kind to Town as Leigh had a really hard game in the cup last week and this will have taken a lot out of them. Leigh's attacking flair will also be nullified by the postage stamp sized paddy field that they'll have to play on. Obviously they've got some hot-headed players and I think the ref could crack down on this at the weekend and favour the home side with a card or two going Leigh's way. Towns knack of scoring lucky tries will also swing things in their favour a great deal. So with everything going in favour of Town I can only see this going one way and I'll say Town 10 Leigh 36
  7. Nearly forgot to do this, luckily I've remembered just in time as I know that some await my in depth analysis and scorelines as I've been pretty close over the last few weeks. So here goes 2 Poor teams so it could go either way. Although the way the fixture list has been very kind to Town will help a lot. Add to that the fact that Sheffield haven't got a home any advantage from that will be nullified, the late kick off is also a massive help as this will aid the players in their recovery from travelling. Sheffield are also sitting pretty and have little to play for. The way Town have a knack of scoring lucky tries will also help greatly. So with all this in favour of Town I can see a real battling performance and come away with a creditable scoreline and I'll say Sheffield 46 Town 10
  8. 5.15, 5.20, 5.25, 5.35, 5.40, 5.50 And relax....... Sheffield will then kick off around 6.05 for the second half.
  9. 2 Poor teams, so it could go either way.However the fixture list has been very kind to Town as we seen with the way the Bulls struggled last week against Dewsbury, so its obvious they've got a raft of injuries so this is a massive advantage for Town. The long journey wont help them either. The way that Town have sent some of the players for haircuts over the last few weeks ** will hinder the Bulls as all the extensive work watching videos will be rendered useless as they wont recognise which player is going to amble the ball in (very cunning ploy by the coaching team, every little edge helps at this high level). As per normal the ref will be a homer and this added to Towns knack of scoring very lucky tries bodes well for Town playing at their very best again this week. I've checked the weather forecast *** and found that its going to be a nice day and this will also help Towns legendary expansive, free flowing, envy of the world attacking style. So with all this obviously in favour of Town I'll have to say Town 10 Bulls 28 I detect a little bit of sarcasm recre2,lets keep it plain and simple.I am all for good banter, and, you seem good at portraying that,a little bit go's a long way recre2,i suggest you slow down a bit marra.Cheers recre2.MODERATOR:
  10. That's the statement that sums up a whole heap of trouble. How do you get into a position where another club dictates who you can and can't sign. That certainly shocked me.
  11. 2 Poor teams so it could go either way. However the fixture list has been really kind to Town as Fev are struggling at the moment with a raft of injuries as last weeks game showed, this is a massive advantage for Town. The long journey wont help Fev one little bit and also having to play on the postage stamp sized paddy field that you've got ** will hinder them also.The way Town have also broken the scoreboard so that the Fev players wont know how long is left in the game is a really cunning ploy as we've been told how vital this is for those on the pitch (yeah it is apparently). As per usual the Ref will be a homer and this added to Towns knack of scoring very lucky tries bodes well for Town performing at their very best this week. So with everything going for you and the boost of confidence last weeks lucky, lucky draw will give the players I can see this only going one way. So I'll have to say: Town 10 Fev 40 ** Assessment of Donkey Park kindly supplied by The Voodooguru
  12. Ooooooohhhhhhh so, so close. The only thing I got wrong in the whole prediction was to give Dewsbury a mere 4 points too many. Everything else I mentioned was spot on. I will try a bit harder this week though.
  13. 2 Poor teams, so it could go either way. You could really benefit from the fact that the fixture list has been very kind to you as Dewsbury have took the foot off the pedal and from last weeks scoreline appear to think they're safe and as such will take this game very easy. We all know that the referee will lean to the away side and that will also help in a big way. Towns knack of scoring very lucky tries will be a massive factor in this game as well. So with all this going for you, I think you'll account for yourselves very well on Sunday and I can see this being the shock scoreline of the week and not the hammering a lot of you are expecting so as I said I can only see one result and I'll say Dewsbury 24 Town 20
  14. Nail hit firmly on the head. Money talks and there's a mini league at the bottom end we're all fighting in. Donny look shot and to be honest I think the other relegated team will be a West Cumbrian one. Can't decide which one as we're both struggling but I hope the flip off the coin lands in favour of Haven (obviously). What gets me (I've also put this on the Haven forum) is the overblown expectations of some fans, let's be realistic, the area is going downhill, fast, money is tight and nobody is going to invest round here in a rugby team. The next few months are going to be quite fraught but let's be honest, we've all been through it before. It's what it's all about.
  15. I'll use that for your next home game if thats ok with you