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  1. Crimbo decorations taken down, house top and bottomed, washing done; I make a great wife ;)

  2. I`ve given my liver a late christmas present today; a bottle of ice cold water to stop it screaming.

  3. Well crimbo eve again, how time flies, wont be on here over the next few days so have a great christmas everyone.

  4. Debbies for a full english then a lazy day finished with a film and some tinnies; simples.

  5. I`m dreaming of a dry christmas, never seen as much rain, if the council are still thinking of the 9 lakes project for Fev then they`ve pretty much got it without costing a penny.

  6. If them Mayans were that good at predicting the future they wouldn`t have gone extinct.

  7. Why dont they do an X factor for bands that can play their own instruments, write there own songs and sing instead of the same old tripe every year? I`ts basically full of weirdos, people with sob stories and good kareoke singers YAWN.

  8. The weathers that ###### in this country I`ve just been under sunbed and it turned cloudy.

  9. Fev v Sheffield final again?



      hope so !!!

      just so glad it wont be halifax !!!

  10. It doesn`t matter what time I go to bed or how much I drink, I still cant sleep past 6:30 on a morning, I`m gonna be one of those old men you see outside paper shops at the crack of dawn when I retire.

  11. For all those of you who ask for my weather forcast there`s an interesting development, a top American forcaster called Joe bastardi (who even the pros you see on tv ask for advice) as tweeted saying "beware the UK your in for one heck of a winter" this bloke is normally very good, I dont know if he means cold and snow or high winds and rain though, will keep you posted.

  12. Please no more request for chefville, I get takeaways cos I`m ###### at cooking ;)

  13. Champions for the 3rd year running and to top it off,the owner of PROBIZ infront of the rugbyleague chairman saying he was pulling all his money out of superleague and soley investing it in Fev, well done the players, Mark campbell and everyone else at the club, starting with 4 or 5 significant sighnings, brilliant :)

  14. Abit muggy again, still it will help me aclimatise for Cuba.

  15. Singging along to wet, wet, wet, love is all around on the music channel, our lass acting like shes not impressed but I know she is, I nailed it lol