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    2016 Season & Squad

    Not been on here for some time as it was nothing but a squabbling forum that got too personal and spiteful IMO, thought I'd have a look see tho. See that people don't trust the coach with his team/player selection yet have previously stated he's a great up and coming I've kept an eye on ex YCK lads who went to other teams, most held their regular places in CC sides and were well thought of by their fans so why do people moan if they I recall some of them pushed players out of position in the first place at YCK due to how they played? Players improve/change and have made their names elswhere but maybe stopped performing at YCK......ask why and maybe things will improve across the board? Not blaming the management, fans or coaching staff as I don't know who is at fault but something wrong if this happens regularly and has done for some years now; with players performing better elsewhere and at a higher level. Hope things improve and quite confident with Fordy's choices, knows far more than I do what he needs/wants.