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  1. Hi thanks for all the fab' "birthday wishes"It's a reminder to me as to why I go on Facebook, I doubt I'd still be able to keep in touch with friends from the past who are spread far and wide.Many thanks and an early; Happy new year to you all !

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  2. My mate, Dave, sex change operation went really well yesterday. It was so successfull that he's still trying to reverse out of the hospital car park! OOOOH

  3. It's been difficult to get over my addiction to the Hokey Cokey............................. But I've turned myself around and that's what it's all about

  4. Anyone know where I can get an "upright " Piano ?

  5. Just returned from that there London Town, quite a w/e really, city win, fantastic, but would you believe Harvey and I had a run in with the "Anti-Terrorism Police !!! Staying in Kings Cross, car paked at St Pancras, had to go back to the car just enough time before going to get the tube to Wembley.We couldn't get into the car park, could see my car, just couldn't find a way in, didn't want to risk getting my legs slapped by "nipping" under the barrier, saw a set of doors, gave one a tug...

  6. Whilst I'm on, my mate Andy Knowles' told me this;Remember that there are three types of people; ----those that are good at maths And ----those that aren't !