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  1. stewpot01

    Franchise the Championship

    What a load of rubbish. I bet YOUR club isn't in League 1? Why not just have a SL with all the clubs RL want and screw the other fans. People like you make me puke
  2. stewpot01

    "Perth should be in Super League"

    John Kear has come up with this one. I think they have all been smoking something.I am rapidly becoming sick of the game as it is all about money now and little else.
  3. stewpot01

    Future of Odsal

    I doubt the fans would go anywhere near VP again. I know some Bull fans who had their cars vandalised during the last ground share.
  4. stewpot01

    Bradford Bulls / HMRC / Administration

    London Broncos remained in the same division Mr know-it-all. Be careful what you wish for,NO club is immune 'Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool then to open ones mouth and remove all doubt.
  5. stewpot01

    Bradford Bulls / HMRC / Administration

    I find that hilarious. I still cannot see the need to have them in RL at all. It is a completely ridiculous venture that will probably prove to be as big a joke as those now running the game at the top.
  6. stewpot01

    Bradford Bulls / HMRC / Administration

    'Market match day tickets' . Last time I went to Odsal they wanted an extra £5 just because I was getting my tickets on match day and £12 for a scarf, I told her they where a joke of a club who still think they are in SL. No sympathy for the at all.
  7. stewpot01

    Where next for HKR?

    I'm just one of those appalling modernists who wants to see the game given the platform it deserves and some old folk will be able to wax lyrical about Alex Murphy in the early 70s over their Boddington's bitter for the next 4 months. I am neither old or drink beer, yet I think Murphy is one of the best we have ever seen. Don't judge people you do not know you ignorant person
  8. stewpot01

    Million Pound Game 'a disgrace'

    All the clubs know the consequences of been relegated. In an ideal world it would be straight forward up and down, but things have changed. So for him to be bleating was rather hypocritical in my opinion - also sounded a bit like excuses before the fact instead of firing the players up.
  9. I been watching both sports for over 50 years and can honestly say I have only seen violence on two (possibly three) occasions at Rugby League. I was also a steward at my local football team and witnessed violence on a far more regular basis - almost weekly back in the seventies. While I do not condone ANY form of this behaviour from any fans, we have to understand that emotions will run even higher with what is at stake. All sport is now fuelled by the financial aspect first and foremost, and I think in a lot of cases social media can be damaging - it is so easy for fans to taunt each other - and not always in a friendly manner. I hope that whoever is responsible are punished, but this is now the third such incident in recent times and the authorities just might have to start and punish the club rather than the individuals if that is what it takes.
  10. stewpot01

    A Great Performance at Keighley

    Agree 100% One of the best days I have experienced in all the years I have supported the club. The players, fans and the atmosphere made it extra special on a very special day.
  11. stewpot01

    The Future of Hunslet Hawks

    NO, Leeds United charging almost £40 for a ticket - or £30 for the kop - when you can go to a couple of PL teams for that, is what puts people off. Most families have to prioritize where their budget goes thses days and you can bet they would sooner go shopping than throwing it away on sports. as attendances go, Leeds, per % of the populatation of the City is small compared to those mentioned by KOL. One of the things that almost killed this club was SL not allowing us in and many of the fans have never returned to watch.
  12. Oh dear. it really shows how much you must hate Leeds. Not the fault of Leeds they won so well, you actually expected them to ease off just to please the likes of you. Maybe the referee should have blown up on 60 minutes out of sympathy. Results like that happpen and as a RL follower you should know better that you rarely get what you wish for in finals.
  13. Extremely sad news. Francis Molo has benn cited for the tackle, as if he doesn't have enough having to live with what happened.
  14. stewpot01

    Sundays match off.

    It was freezing yesterday morning, even the canal at Kirkstall was frozen over and by the afternoon the grass was still solid underfoot.