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  1. BARROW RAIDERS FIXTURES 2017 4th March. bye 12th March. Coventry. A 25th March. Hemel. H 8th April. Workington. H 14th April Newcastle. A 6th May. S Wales. H 14th May. Keighley. A 20th May. Toronto. A 3rd June. Hunslet. H 11th June. Doncaster. A 17th June. N Wales. H 24th June London. A 1st July. Gloucester AG H 8th July. Oxford. H 16th July. Whitehaven. A The obvious enough problems as I can see is only 7 home games, 2week gap between 14th April-6th May? If we do not finish in the top three then we are not going to have many more home games, depending on the luck of the draw for the CC for a home draw? What a mess, RL are obviously determine to do away with Championship 1. WHY WHY WHY at this level do we not have all clubs playing each other home and away, along with the CC, with the top two at the end of the season gaining promotion. Instead of the totally pointless play offs, and shield comp's. I would like to know how RL expect clubs to prosper, or at least try to prosper with a fixture formula like this? Taking it for granted that Workington, & Whitehaven have similar fixtures RL have done away with three Cumbrian derby's as we only play each other once. Toronto have only just joined but only play half the teams at home, which is not fair on the clubs having to travel to Toronto at this level with players having jobs outside RL, in some cases clubs may not be able to take there strongest teams due to work comitments but teams only playing Toronto at home will have a much better chance of fielding a strong side barring injuries. Well done RL well thought out lol.
  2. We are looking for information with reference to the CC. My son has completed his goal of attending a match in every round of the CC from round1-9. If you know of anyone who has done this before please let us know. He has made a blog of his travels if you are interested please go to. CDPARK86.BLOGSPOT.COM | BY CHRIS PARK please read and share.
  3. I think at the time Sky came to the game it was between Sky & The BBC, BBC could not deliver anywhere neer what Sky could offer. But I must disagree with your point that Sky wanted a professional elite league. Sky had no input of how money was to be distributed throughout the game, yes the game needed a boost and Sky gave it, it was the individual clubs that decided how the monies would be distributed, moves were made by some of the then top clubs involving distribution and it got worse as the following years when't on. Mergers, a SL of only 8 clubs, the total pot of Sky money to go to SL only, SL breakaway, we're all put forward and discussed. While SL had the drawbridge up with no P/R and giving themselves two votes to one at RL meetings it when't stale some clubs where happy knowing they were safe whatever happened on the field, I am not against SL or anything that highlights our great game, but I feel the present set up is to complicated for any prospective new supporters, and to predictable for present supporters, we can play with any permutation you like but the simple fact is while there is the great disparity of funds between the bottom of SL and top of Championship nothing is going to change
  4. I think the middle 8s were constructed to appease clubs wanting P/R, but made begrudgingly with the thought of making it as difficult as possible. As life is now all over its all down to money, if it was spread more evenly a great deal of these discussions would not be happening. I also beleave that the most constant team in any league that finishes top of the league are the Champions not the winner of a one off match after the end of the season, but that is another thread.
  5. The problem doesn't lie with Sky putting money into the game, the problem started because Sky put money into the game. At the time Sky started investing in our great game some club Chairman saw and pounced on the chance to capitalise and RL were not strong enough to stop them. A few clubs at the top at the time were hell bent on finding ways to gather as much as possible of the pot for themselves resulting in the total mess RL is in at present, instead of taking time and thinking of the game a select few clubs were only looking at themselves and how they could secure the total pot. RL is not big enough for licensing the leagues are not big enough, i am all for P/R the bottom club going down the top club being promoted it is reward for the top club for being consistent throughout the season, and makes clubs in the league above concentrate more on their position during the season. Clubs would be less worried about the system if the monies were more fairly distributed. Its not rocket science the higher the league the more monies available, within the league the higher the club the more you receive at the end of the season within a sensible framework, not as is at present with the bottom club in SL on £1.8m and the top of Championship £500,000. It comes down to common sense and a commitment from the clubs to promote RL as a body not thinking individually about what they can get out of it. If you do not have anything to aspire to you grow stale, stagnant, and die if your roots die then that at the top turns to dust and gets blown away.
  6. I agree with you Spidey the league needs to be bigger, it was a few years ago untill a few clubs decided to reduce the league to get a bigger pot of the TV monies. I would say a league of 14-16 with cup games (all leagues coming in at the same time) would give more games than present. Look at bringing back county games as country trials some how including Scotland, Wales, & Ireland?
  7. After watching the Widnes v Hull game last night and noticing how the stadium looked empty is anyone in the same mind as me?. Why do we have all these "super 8s", "middle 8s", top four play offs, etc, it is killing our great game and pushing supporters away, What is wrong with simple promotion/relegation, all clubs playing each other twice (home and away) in each league. The top team at the end of the season in SL are Champions. ( not the winners of a one off showcase game for TV at the end of the season) bottom club is relegated, top club in Championship promoted "SIMPLE" bottom club in Championship relegated top club in Championship 1 promoted again SIMPLE. All these different breakaway mini leagues are totally confusing to anyone new looking at our game, regular supporters are loosing interest because as I see it by round 17 the league is over nothing is changing after that. Come on RL sort it out and get back to Common Sense before its to late, our game is being stifled, or is it to late now?
  8. It is very disappointing the game is no longer going ahead, Liam has been an exceptional servant to BarrowRL over the past ten years. In reality I never thought Warrington would contemplate sending a first team squad to play in a testimonial/ friendly match with only six days before there opening game in SL. I think it would have been there second team players with a few U19s at best, I would imagine most RL supporters have thought the same. It dosn't serve any purpose throwing blame about between the board,RL, or local referees as we all know at this time of year all games are subject to weather. Perhaps the matches played up to now on Craven Park should have been looked at a bit more seriously with reference to the pitch with the rainfall we have had over the past few months, I find it difficult to beleive the club are that short of monies they have turned pre season friendlys into fund raising events rather than pre season run outs in order for the coach to assess his players, the chairman stated at the 2014 AGM that the club would be debt free by Christmas. Surly we have blank weekends in the coming season what about a game between a Liam Harrison's all stars made up of players from various clubs within Championship which Liam would like? Or a game against Liam's 2nd favourite team ( Barrow obviously his first) in Championship or Championship 1? Or even a Cumbrian select picked by Liam. All these are possibilities clubs in Championship and Championship 1 will have blank weekends as the challenge cup progresses at least, and the pitch will be available. I say this because I think supporters will turn out for Liam regardless of who we play to thank him for his service Failing these ideas the club could dedicate a league game to Liam.
  9. PM my e-mail address Dave W.
  10. Fair comment from The Vet, I am an x director one of the four who left on the same night. I can not enlarge on reasons why as legal investigations are still ongoing. I have supported the rugby since the 1960's and retired now, I volunteered to look at bringing the debenture book up to date ( put it on computer) along with the help of the secretary of the club. The last time I was a director was my second time as I was a on the Save Craven Park Committee in the 90's then onto the board for just over five years. If you are not comfortable giving me your details you can give the club your details and they can process them without giving me them, it is no different and I fully understand if you decide to do it.
  11. Sorry fat fingers, should read Debenture Holder's
  12. One good thing that has developed from the AGM topic is that a number of Debenture Holders have e-mailed me direct with there e-mail address. If anyone wishes to do the same feel free, as this will once compiled will slash the costs of holding club meetings. If you do not wish to contact me direct you can e-mail the club office who will I turn give me the details. When you contact either of us can you please include your Certificate Number Number of Debentures bought Change of Address if you have moved since purchasing your Debentures Your contact number/e-mail Address Thank you
  13. One good thing that has developed from the AGM topic is that a number of Debenture Holders have e-mailed me direct with there e-mail address. If anyone wishes to do the same feel free, as this will once compiled will slash the costs of holding club meetings. If you do not wish to contact me direct you can e-mail the club office who will I turn give me the details. When you contact either of us can you please include your Certificate Number Number of Debentures bought Change of Address if you have moved since purchasing your Debentures Your contact number/e-mail Address Thank you
  14. AGM

    I think the board or commercial manager are getting carried away with the issue of advertising in the national press! If they did some homework they would find an advert in ONE national newspaper would be sufficient. The statement of thousands of pounds being needed is absolute rubbish. The League Express, and Rugby Leaguer are both national newspapers an add in either one would do. The board will have a good idea through costs of adds for coaches in the past The AOA state it is required, previouse boards have done it without a problem.
  15. AGM

    I understand what your saying Livo, dose it mean that if you live outside the Furness area you are less entitled to know about meetings? It is down in the articles that this MUST be the procedure followed. I would imagine that writing to debenture holders who are outside the area would cost considerably more than an advertisement in the press. There are a considerable number of debenture holders live outside the area, and are fully entitled to be given notice of meetings. As I stated previouse I have been working on putting the debenture book onto computer and obtaining as many e-mail addresses as possible so as when meetings are called the secretary can e-mail as many members as possible to inform them of meetings etc, this would reduce costs considerably but untill I can complete the list with help from the club the present procedure must be followed as stated in the Articles. As a business you can not register AOA at companies house stating the procedure the business intends to follow then for whatever reasons you decide at the time ignore them, if anyone at the club thinks they can I would advise they talk to the clubs solicitor.