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  1. Missus I don't know where you've got your infomation from regarding attendences at Challenge cup finals, I know for a fact that many finals had crowds well over 80,000. If you're talking of the modern era well that's another matter, and there are many issues why attendances aren't what they were.
  2. I'm afraid sport in general is mimicking peoples expectations in life, everything now has to be an immediate success, or people will just discard what's failed and move on to something else they believe to be successful, until that fails and so it goes on. I think with the rugby fan, supporter, it's taken a while for it to happen possibly through loyalty but that seems to not have the pull it once had.
  3. Steve, thankfully I'm not the coach, because whoever he picks there are always casualties. JS has to pick a team every week he considers will get him where he wants to be in the league. I'm sure we all can come up with many permutations regarding team selection.
  4. Lockwood Turner Ulugia
  5. Correct Robin, just before half-time it looked as though he'd had a bang in his ribs, after we scored a try he walked back in position he seemed to be struggling for breath, during the second half the physio went to him a couple of times but gave him the thumbs up even though you could see he was no-more than a passenger, he couldn't go off as we had no replacement backs as it was Knowles filled in when Misi went off. But for all that it doesn't do the player or the team any favours when you've got an injury it makes it appear as though you're not interested.
  6. Phil there's nothing wrong with the players attitude, it's application to defensive structures that's the problem, and when we tackle push the boundaries a bit regards holding down, once we know how the ref wants the game to flow adapt accordingly. Last Sunday Toulouse were very quick at the play the ball often leaving defenders on the floor as they played the ball, all that does is increase pressure on the other defenders to second guess whether to take the ball carrier or try and push him sideways, and as we saw their stand- off played as though he was wearing slippers he'd time to do what ever he wanted with the ball. Sunday without a doubt is not just about coming out of the starting blocks but playing for the full 80 minutes.
  7. So Omega if what you say is correct, why are Wakefield training at Fev as according to you Wakefield aren't interested for a variety reasons in relocating.
  8. It'd have been right up your street old lad. Good times, I wonder if there's any film or video of that game.
  9. Flat cap, I don't know if you noticed Fev trainer on field at every opportunity giving players advice, especially in the last 5 minutes he never seemed to be off the field. As for taking the 2 points at which point as a coach do you say take the 2 or give the players the opportunity to go through the attacking structures, yesterday we did create chances but poor handling and decision making with ball in hand, and people not running in the areas they should be running was niave to say the least. I'm sure there'll be a video nasty session for all the team this week plus some maybe wont be selected. As a side note that was Astons first game in a Fev shirt don't tell me they expected the lad to be a world beater, some supporters never learn how many players in the past on debut have been lambasted by fans, I can name a few players. Time to move on and get ready for this week.
  10. Gingdong aye we did take a good following, we filled the stand behind the sticks, coppers were being coppers although at least one wasn't as vigilant as he should have been. It was the time wearing pit helmets and steelies all painted blue and white was the fashion, the atmosphere and noise was unbelievable, being under cover made the place bounce. This was the time of gangs throwing bricks and bottles at buses as they left the ground or car parks, although Fev had a noteriety for being an unpleasant place to visit. I don't know whether it's fortunate or unfortunately we wont see an era like that, for all the ###### you had to endure they were good times to support Fev.
  11. Challenge cup 3rd rd 1973 away at Warrington, as much for the atmosphere as the result.
  12. Now now Maureen you've been well behaved a lately. lol
  13. If as you say there is a dearth of talent in this country, perhaps you could explain Castlefords recruitment policy of finding young talent along with English talent not considered good enough at their previous clubs, thus the drubbing we saw last night of the "mighty Leeds"
  14. Angelic Cynic, gone fishing.
  15. I'm not surprised at all by Tubbs action, being awkward and just being obnoxious must come naturally to him. I hope Wakey have insured their doors. lol