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    There's nothing worse than being hammered at home. I'm not going to argue against any posts, all I will say is I think some players could have played their way out of a contract for next season.
  2. Saddleworth, while I understand you having an opinion, what do you think is the common denominator between coaches and style of play?
  3. A load of Bull

    They were docked 12 points for a reason. It was the RL that imposed that penalty so it's either stick with that decision or lose what liitle credibility they have. I think the reason they are trying to reprieve Bradford is the Toovey connection, it's a long way to come for a handful of matches, plus being an Australian coach, the powers that be would probably like to see what he has to offer as a championship coach hoping he'll take them back into S/L.
  4. My take on Lockwoods tackle is if a player is upright you've every right to tackle him by the legs to put him on his ######.
  5. Last night will I think have done the team a lot of good, we got some good hits in on some of their forwards and shows with that intensity in our own division we should fear no-one, the only people we have to fear is ourselves. Last night was never going to be a win, these next 2 are what we need to get focused on, do that properly the games will look after themsalves.
  6. M.O.M. Rovers V Leeds (Cup)

    Aston - played his heart out,only downside was his choice of kicks Hardcastle - I can't speak highly enough of this lad, we need to get him signed on a long contract because the vultures will be circling. Hardman - again what can you say about this player, he's like fine wine he improves with age. I'd like to say well done to the rest of the team for keeping going even allowing for our own mistakes.
  7. Is Kendall a cheat?

    No I wouldn't call him a cheat, the problem stems from Red Hall. Even though all the rules are set out in writing, when it comes to different division some of those rules seem to be subjectively ignored. Last night I was as bad as every Fev fan calling him everything from a cat to dog. No cheat just a very blinkered view of the game.
  8. There was never any doubt that Leeds would win, the way they moved the ball and the pace and skill at times was brilliant. As for Fev the amount of tackling they did in the first half aligned with gifting Leeds at least 2 tries didn't help their cause, but one thing can be said about Fev they kept going all game and at times opened the Leeds defence up well. Now no officials missed tackles or dropped the ball or put poor kicks in, but to always be put on the back foot with to say the least some dubious decisions doesn't sit right considering in the last 5 minutes he gave Fev 3 penalties on the trot to even the penalty count up. Something needs to be done to establish the same rules regarding S/L and Championship games when these clubs meet. I could have posted on here ranting and raving but the people on here are not responsible for things that happen on the field.
  9. Swinton game

    Right the decision has been made that we play Swinton after Leeds in the Cup, followed by London away. My first thoughts are is the RFL worried about a Cup upset or is it a more sinister reason, whatever it is, we as a club should do what we do best when are backs against the wall, bring out all the tradition associated with the club and go kick some a**e just to prove to the RFL that whatever the decision, we as a club can take it on the chin.
  10. M.O.M. Rovers V Hull KR (home)

    Thackeray Walton Moore for that tackle alone in the first half, I'm not sure who he hit but it was a bonecruncher.
  11. M.O.M. Rovers V Hull KR (home)

    You'll not believe this but Hardcastle needed dropping for throwing ball away trying to pass to Misi and dropping ball, Lockwood needed dropping for always dropping ball and not gaining enough ground when taking ball in although he does his tackling, Duckworth he wants dropping for not dealing with kicks, Griffin wants dropping for falling on floor when taking ball in. That's what I had to endure the 2nd half, but only for so long lol.
  12. After a cracking game like that, we have to focus on off the field events. Yes we made mistakes in the 2nd half, but they were getting quicker ptb's which gave room for their playmakers in the first 30 minutes, they also made plenty of errors. In that last 10 minutes we seem to pick our selves up and were back challenging, overall yes we could or should have won but what a gutsy performance from all 17. Well done lads.
  13. Dancing with the Devil

    Steve, thankfully I'm not the coach, because whoever he picks there are always casualties. JS has to pick a team every week he considers will get him where he wants to be in the league. I'm sure we all can come up with many permutations regarding team selection.
  14. M.O.M. Rovers V Oldham (Cup)

    Lockwood Turner Ulugia
  15. Correct Robin, just before half-time it looked as though he'd had a bang in his ribs, after we scored a try he walked back in position he seemed to be struggling for breath, during the second half the physio went to him a couple of times but gave him the thumbs up even though you could see he was no-more than a passenger, he couldn't go off as we had no replacement backs as it was Knowles filled in when Misi went off. But for all that it doesn't do the player or the team any favours when you've got an injury it makes it appear as though you're not interested.