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  1. I don't fret and I certainly wouldn't do so on your account.
  2. A very time consuming job but can be very rewarding finding the right talent for which ever club you scout for.
  3. Padge it must be really uncomfortable for your a$$e with all those spells up it with sitting on the fence. As for the comment about press releases, how are you going to find out the actual conversations that took place. Even if you did get those conversations how do you know who is telling the truth or using spin.
  4. 1 Hardman 2 Hardcastle 3 Baldwinson
  5. It's going to be even harder this season so it's imperative that we start well. The players not picked this week will get their chance, for fans to start venting their spleens before a ball has been passed is rather ridiculous.
  6. jamescolin don't be a fool.
  7. This saga needs ending now, how any new club can establish local sponsorship and generate it's own income after this debacle I don't know. Where does is leave any coaching staff and players who were associated with the old club, and more importantly the fans. I'm not a Bradford supporter by any means but enough is enough.
  8. Adey as things stand the franchise of what was Bradford in the championship, do you think the franchise could be taken elsewhere as an option for any prospective owners.
  9. Condolences to his family, RIP Terry.
  10. Welcome to the capper family Liam.
  11. It seems Featherstone are being proactive again, only this time utilising it's land to generate income and making that land work for the club without actually selling it. Sounds like this time they have thought this through and hopefully no false dawns. Well done to all involved at Featherstone for this initiative and good luck.
  12. I think it's interesting that the England RU coach has approached top RL coaches in Australia, so that he can adapt some RL structures to the England RU game plan, and at the moment it seems to be working for him. So the question has to be asked if an RU coach can go down under and improve his team. What have the England RL coaches achieved by either coming from Australia or supposedly going and learning new techniques and structures?
  13. Well done and good luck for the future.
  14. Robin I think your comment was a bit too cryptic.
  15. Giantstrides, I appreciate your opinion,but it still doesn't answer who is responsible for spending vasts amounts of money on players. Plus if you just have S/L where are the next generation of players coming from, not every S/L player is brought through the ranks of S/L clubs. With a shrinking Pro game do you think there'll be as many youngsters playing the game, and what about the outposts of the game, there are people involved in those areas trying to spread the game and yet the flagship competition is shrinking. I take it from your post there'd be no place for Toulouse or hypothetically Canada getting into S/L, or even a resurgent Welsh team or god forbid a Championship side.