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  1. presentation night

    They can't organize a presentation night until Baz knows what nights he's got free from rhino's. On the presentation night itself, the fans would have to get there early, because if all the squad turn up there wont be much room left !! LOL
  2. Hunslet relegated !

    I never mentioned Whitehaven, Hunslet have to beat Batley by 141 points to finish above them (Batley)
  3. Hunslet relegated !

    Hunslet need to win by 141 points tomorrow, congratulations Mr Eaton, at least you will be able to boast about how well leeds rhinos have done hahaha. Just my opinion mind, feel so sorry for all the players who committed to the club, but never got the same committment back from the coach. All the best for next season
  4. brickwood

    Bricky has scored 6 tries in 7 games now, and playing with a smile on his face. Feel so sorry for the hunslet fans at the moment, who have supported the team no matter what. I have no sympathy for Eaton, signing all those players and had no intention of playing them, but gave lads from rhinos places in team instead. No doubt he will be relying on those lads who aren't playing at the moment, to commit to hunslet for next season. He will probably say its his best squad yet !! (again) lol
  5. brickwood

    Well thats 3 tries in 4 games now, scrum half other week, played stand off for second half today,, by no means is he top quality in these positions, but just shows his versatility and the confidence the coach Gaz Lord has in him.
  6. fev yesterday

    When it splits into 3 leagues of 8, relegation is determined by the bottom two clubs at the end of league of 8. All points from the regular season are carried over to the league of 8, so its vital to get as far in front of the bottom two as possible. The plus side is, that after the split you will be playing all the bottom sides, so destiny is in hunslets own hands.
  7. brickwood

    Yes hes playing at stanley rangers and hes loving his rugby again, 2 tries in 3 games, played scrum half in his last game, yet another position he was willing to fill in for.
  8. released

    Its becoming a joke at hunslet, you're either a favourite of the coach, or your sent down south, or released. Or if your really unlucky you don't play with anyone at all and won't get released. Hunslet need a coach who is 100% committed to hunslet and its values, and just as loyal to the hunslet players who sign in good faith and give 110% to the club.
  9. No Hunslet on Sky

    Interesting to see that Baz is down as an assistant coach now on rhinos website. Make no wonder the hunslet lads struggle to get a chance to play.
  10. No Hunslet on Sky

    Bricky's heart was with Hunslet, all he wanted to do was play rugby for Hunslet, it was the hardest decision he's had to make in leaving, don't know why they signed him if they had no intention of playing him. If they wanted to play for someone else they would have signed for them and not Hunslet, the only way others will play is if someone gets injured or Leeds won't let their players play.
  11. brickwood

    Bricky has been a very loyal person to hunslet, after his first season he had the chance to play for one of the top championship sides, he turned them down because he felt welcomed by the fans and staff, he played various positions, left or right, it didn't matter, he just wanted to play.He devoted his time to hunslet and gave up a lot to play. Last season he found it hard with all the travelling that was involved, no sooner had he got home on a sunday night, he was then straight out going to work, finishng off the season with a grand final win was his just reward. This season he was ill for a couple of friendlies and wasn't given a chance, he even turned down promotion at work even though he needed the money to support his family, just so he could play for hunslet, ultimately loyalty has to work both ways. I would like to thank all hunslet fans who made lee and his family most welcome to hunslet, they have made firends with supporters and some of the staff who work tirelessly behind the scenes. A special thank you to the naughty forty for last season who made Charlie welcome, he still talks about gong to rugby on bus. To all Hunslet fans and staff whom weve made friends with a BIG THANK YOU, and wish Hunslet all the best for rest of the season. The Brickwood family xx
  12. Programme cover

    Can i ask why they are putting Leeds Rhinos players on front cover of Hunslet programme, will it be Sinfield featured in next home match. I think somebody is taking michael or they have a weird sense of humour. This is just my opinion, how do other Hunslet fans feel about it ?.
  13. Thank you

    I have been asked to pass on a big THANK YOU to the hunslet supporters away bus, for the friendship and hospitality they have shown Charlie this season, he has absolutely loved his trips away, and is already looking forward to celebrating his 3rd birthday on friday by watching Hunslet v Oldham. Once again thank you Geoff and everyone else on the supporters bus.
  14. Player of the year

    Can anyone tell me who won what at presentation night, and is there any photo's of the night?