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  1. Think a trip to Vancouver could be in order for next year :)

  2. Ace free kick by utd. Had a feeling it was going to go in. Did Rio have something throw at his head?

  3. 4-3 to united HT. looked like it should have been 5-3 with the controversial goal

  4. teenagers these days are getting worse and worse. yesterday a trick or treater came to door about 16-17 years old. and the frown she pulled when i handed her some sweets. i felt like saying "oh, I'm sorry, was you expecting an iphone".

  5. can anybody tell me what number bus goes through ackworth and purston jaglin please. i think its a stage coach but not sure.

  6. cleverly is dog ###### at shooting

  7. i seriously don't get the human race these days. just about every one has there head rammed so far up there own ######. always acting like there king/queen of the herd. every one has to be perfect to them while there ***** in return. its ridiculous

  8. in the men's relay with team GB they need to pay less attention to the running and start practising passing the ###### baton.