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  1. A very boring tactic NZ need to use is to kick into touch at the end of their set of 6. I would rather Inglis running at you from the scrum base in the Australian 20 into a defence that has had a all chance to rest than for him to have 15m run up and smash into the kiwi defence and ###### them out because the bloke looks in phenomenal form. Also Shaun Johnson needs his Kicking boots on to turn 4 into 6 because the way Thurston is kicking goals at the moment is some of the best I have seen watching the game. Hope it is a different game to the 3 matches both teams have played this year which has been somewhat boring apart from the last 5 minutes in Coventry. I think it is a great idea to play at Anfield and hopefully it gets a whole bunch of neutral fans in to watch and can push over 40k just for that sake. And maybe attract a new fan or 2
  2. Due to people like Wayne Bennett who do not think it is there job and spread the gospel of rugby league and give pathetic media interviews where people outside the sport think "what a backwards sport and mindset" - honest opinion given to me from a Afl fan It should be the sole job of anyone involved in the professional game to spread it to the masses which includes the one source that can actually spread the word... The damn Media Reason 100 of 1000 reasons why Our great sport can not grow and see its full potential where I believe the international game is our potential greatest advertisement
  3. NRL England players overrated

    Long time lurker from Australia. Minimal poster. Massive love for Rugby League and it's potential I always cheer for England as I feel that there is a bigger passion and love for the game than there is here in Australia where it is just a TV product now. I feel the biggest problem is there are too many meaningless games in the Super league including the challenge cup where there is no constant need for intense grinding Rugby League that there seems to be more of in Australia barring during our stupid State of Origin period where the NRL just means nothing for 8 weeks. Englands best players personally were a couple of the Super League boys. 11 was outstanding in defence and everyone of the Superleague players in that squad could slide into any NRL team, so the talent is there. Unfortunately not the consistency of grinding pressured league. The fact that we also have those 3 highly intense Origin matches is for my opinion the sole reason that Australia always almost untouchable by NZ or England. In both matches Aus played against either team, there were sustained periods of the game where neither England or NZ could force repeat sets or take advantage of a possible tiring Australian defence, then once the Aussies get the ball back they stick to a game plan that is perfected in by playing Origin they take back control of the game. The English had every chance to put away Australia but had no idea how to. That is where the absolute class of Thurston and Cronk showed I feel widdop is better suited to fullback. I would love nothing more than to see England play Australia much more regularly so the English players can get a feel for the grinding rugby league that is unfortunately played here in Australia. I love the passion you all show for the game and you are all the reason international rugby league even still matters. I have a lot to say but I won't bore. Looking forward to coming over and watching the 2021 World Cup as I did in 13, English Rugby League support is so much more passionate than we have here in Sydney (not the home of rugby league) atleast NZ to win for the love of the Game