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  1. Saints away.

    Where you at the same match?? Charnock, Davies, Ashworth, Knowles, Bailey, Wellington, Spedding and Grace where the 'saints kids' and everyone of them played in the second half.
  2. Marquee players

    I don't disagree about us signing plenty of overseas players. I said that we do. Don't forget that we have developed lots of players that are now playing for other clubs. Not just in SL but in the Championship too. There are too many to name them all. So don't forget about that when you start talking about 'raiding' other clubs.
  3. Marquee players

    It's okay. We'll just stick with developing our own world class players and complimenting them with astute overseas signings like Luke Walsh. I will let you into a secret. It works!!!
  4. Marquee players

    I know. The most successful club of the Superleague era. But I didn't want to milk it too much.
  5. Marquee players

    Hahahahaha. Sorry, I couldn't stop laughing then. Are you serious?
  6. Marquee players

    I am not going to even bother with the football bit. I don't even think that you understand what you have just come up with there. It has no relevance at all Actually, it is important to single out homegrown talent. The only successful clubs over the past 10 to 15 years, have been the ones that have invested the most in youth development. That tells you something!!
  7. Marquee players

    Yep. Absolutely spot on there mate. That all makes perfect sense. Don't disagree with a single word of that.
  8. Marquee players

    That's very kind of you. Thanks.
  9. Marquee players

    Roby isn't going to the NRL. Sorry to disappoint you. Some clubs have to sell off their best players in order to generate income. It is usually because they don't have their own stadium and so therefore have to pay rent to play in a football ground. Other clubs have the luxury of being able to retain their top players. Burns and Walsh both fit within the current salary cap and their signings have not hindered the club's ability to promote some top class academy players into the first team. That is the point that you clearly don't understand, but I am glad I have cleared it up for you. Lol.
  10. Marquee players

    Not a strange thing to say at all. Saints do have a history of signing great overseas players. But was Jamie Lyon, to use your example, on £500,000 plus a year? The answer is no. He was on a salary that fitted within the salary cap. He was not being paid 2 or 3 times the amount of the next highest paid player at the club. Eamonn McManus has stated on numerous occasions that he would never sign an overseas player and pay him an enormous amount of money. Not because he or the clubs directors couldn't afford it, but because it is unfair, and in his own words: "it would p*** off the other players at the club". He has 11 or 12 years worth of experience of managing the clubs overall wage structure and maintaining a healthly balance within it. Saints will always have good, quality overseas players in the squad, but not at the expense of our youth development and promotion.
  11. Marquee players

    KC has made Saints' position very clear on this today: "I have said before that I would never use the marquee player money to sign an overseas player. It goes against my ethics as a home grown player and a coach." "We have an abundance of talent in the 19s and I believe home grown players should get the money."
  12. New Kits 2015 New Saints Home and Away kit unveiled today. Nice little video to go with it as well. Mixed reactions from Saints fans so far.

    New Saints Home Kit for 2013: