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  1. Not according to the official website (granted that's far from any guarantee of accuracy)
  2. The NRL want you to sign up to the WatchNRL app, the deal for broadcasting on UK TV just included a certain number of games - it has nothing to do with Sky shafting customers, thats the only option they had - that or not show anything.
  3. The Wolfpacks game on 5th May against Swinton unsurprisingly moved to a new venue - Markham an hours drive from Toronto apparently "Our Betfred Championship Round 13 game against Swinton Lions on Saturday 5th May will now take place at Fletcher’s Fields in Markham." More here - https://www.torontowolfpack.com/2018/04/09/toronto-wolfpack-vs-swinton-lions-relocated-fletchers-fields-markham/
  4. Yes - if you have a connected TV you can access the sport app through the red button and watch it there - same as all previous rounds this year and last
  5. Looking at the schedule here http://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/competitions/telstra-premiership/fixtures It seems they will be showing weekend games from 24 March - maybe nothing more sinister than showing games at a weekend when the clocks have gone forward, meaning they are on at a more viewer friendly time?
  6. And has been picked as the live stream match on the BBC
  7. No Premier only have rights to the league games, Challenge Cup games not covered
  8. Kells v Toronto been confirmed for 6.15pm on Friday 16 March at Whitehaven. Which I am guessing means it hasn't been picked for the live streaming game on the BBC
  9. Hmm - I wonder if they thought it was an RU poster
  10. Saw this poster in The Druids Head pub Kingston upon Thames today, not a usual RL hotbed - but interesting that back in the day there was some marketing (for what I assume was the Challenge Cup final) on the Tube
  11. Chargers have confirmed the game against The Army is indeed at Aldershot
  12. Good to see another all southern tie in this round as well -that's assuming The Army play it at Aldershot
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