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  1. I really rate this Swift - should be in contention for England.
  2. That's Sam Kasiano.
  3. Where is it 45 degrees? That would be the hottest temperature ever recorded in France.
  4. The Aussies are in a period of transition, and that team doesn't look all that intimidating right now.
  5. The outside backs look the only real weakness in that team, so hopefully the likes of Yaha and Cardace can kick-on. A full strength England still comfortably win the matchup, but it might not be a complete blow out.
  6. Seemingly like a few of you watching the game yesterday, I was thinking about the French national team. On paper they can put a pretty strong lineup out these days - something like: 1. Escare 2. Cardace 3. Duport 4. Yaha 5. Pala 6. Bosc 7. Fages 8. Bousquet 9. Pelissier 10. Casty 11. Garcia 12. Larroyer 13. Baitieri 14. Springer 15. Elima 16. Mounis 17. Boudebza
  7. Carney back for Cats which should be a big boost. Hopefully we see a bit of an up-tick in their form now, as they've been disappointing in recent weeks.
  8. OMG, Broken Britain.
  9. Certainly no bias influencing this post...
  10. Oh yeah, Ben Flower's back tonight. How many times will this be mentioned by Eddie and Stevo?
  11. I think you've misunderstood what sensationalism is.
  12. Gale has actually been fantastic this year. Top notch goal kicker as well.
  13. All of your posts could essentially be replaced with "I really like the NRL".
  14. Viking Warrrior, is that you?
  15. That would be absolutely ridiculous.