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  1. Leigh already recruiting for next season.

    like that is going to happen
  2. Top 8 stalemate

    Nothing wrong with system I am quite happy were Cas are in league knowing our injuries but no matter how you do it same sort of results and to be honest if you don't finish in the top 4 you don't deserve to win think why this year league been poor is the amount of injuries teams have had to deal with need squads of 50 way it is going.
  3. Cas by 16 if we even show half form we showed against Wigan we take them apart and we not a bad record at wire.
  4. It was only other month when a Wakie fan through a brick at a young lass or when you started with hull fans earlier this year you concentrate on your embarrassing club we look after our club.
  5. Dave Taylor

    I could expose few ex players over here but past is left in past in Oz and over here sportsmen use cocaine because it out of there system a lot quicker than most drugs it is down to clubs to drill in to players at young age about it could be a mental health problem or just pure stupidity but needs stamping out.
  6. I fancy us in this one again I expected to beat hull we got beating of them but Wigan seam tougher this year get sucked in to there Tatics but we got a strong pack out again and our HB are better than there's come down to which FB plays best.
  7. Love how you put Cas in championship even though we finished higher than Widnes Hull KR and Salford for the last 4 seasons get bigger crowds home and away and made more money ground work started on new ground which new ground means nothing any way if you get less 4 k every game.
  8. Wakefield to play in Dewsbury back on

    Sorry been harsh but that is realality of state of junior rugby and it not much better any were else sad for game.
  9. Wakefield to play in Dewsbury back on

    large junior area you got Stanley were most kids go to Cas or Leeds Eastmoor who never seam to age group in the top 2 divisions at any age group criglestone seam to to struggle alate and your schools are a joke Cas High win every Wakefield schools comp going even worse don't even turn out to even play them so please don't think your area doing well at junior level because they are not.
  10. Wakefield to play in Dewsbury back on

    sorry but Cas and Fev come under Wakie and last time I looked Wakie as no pride they have an hard core fans of 3k hardly pride of a village never mind a city a new ground would not increase there crowds any more the top and bottom of it people in most of part of Wakefield ain't interested in rugby.
  11. is funny when we go to your place it is only ground were we have any trouble but because you lot come out of wood work still stuck in 1980s I find it amusing they still mention miners strike and look at your record causing trouble put an Halifax fan in a coma a couple years back.
  12. Castleford’s hot prospect turns professional

    And very proud family thank you for putting this on
  13. RL academies

    Think a lot you don't really go to watch academy rugby players come from all over to play for clubs Cas have players in there scholiship from Derbyshire Oldham Leeds Cumbria as well the local clubs like everyone they try and sign the best youngsters like every SL clubs.
  14. RL academies

    players in academy at Selby nearly always go to Cas or Leeds if they are good enough not to many to scout around plus the better players normally play at lock lane east Leeds teams like that,
  15. powell set for big fine

    since penalty count was masive towards Giants as your coach said score flatted you and we was miles better than you.