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  1. Grubbs

    Pot Kettle Black
  2. A way back home for Swinton?

    Slowly slowly Catchee Monkey
  3. Salford. Trouble at mill.

    If Salford did drop out then just leave Superleague at 11 teams and earn the right to be in it next year. Let London, Leigh and Toronto fight for it. Always complaining about too many games so let them all have a bye week and run a middle 7’s
  4. Superb win Hornets

    Close but if oldham win Swinton are not relegated. A win at Toulouse with Dewsbury beating Oldham should see Swinton safe whatever the result next week. A draw next week I predict !
  5. Hunslet/Swinton supporters games

    Just to confirm the guys who played in the game are on the Swinton Lions Family Facebook page and may have access to photos. Suggest you go to the page and view the post (feel free to join the group) Ian wade (7) Rick smith, mark Stevens and Ian Horsefield played.
  6. Hunslet/Swinton supporters games

    I have copied your query onto the Swinton Lions Family - Facebook page. That is the place that the Swinton Fans communicate so might be worth a look.
  7. Remaining games

    All charges are fully disclosed on RFL website "Opponent scores a try and the player runs in and makes unnecessary contact with the opponent. The player had a clear view of the opponent scoring but continues to run in aggressively and jumps – with his knee extended – into the opponent making forceful contact. The opponent spins in an effort to avoid the contact. This was an unnecessary act that had the potential for serious injury and is graded at Grade B" from RFL disciplinary website. Apparently he pleaded guilty (by email) and did not attend hearing.
  8. Dewsbury Sunday

    4 from boring!
  9. Swinton v Hornets

    Very pleased to see Lloyd back too. Was a tough uncompromising "game" today with very little rugby played by either team but the flowing move from Lloyd was probably the highlight.
  10. Lack of discipline costs us again!

    Just checked on the RFL website and you have had 13 incidents reported this year - (compare to Swintons 6) most of which resulted in no charge as the sin bin or sending off was sufficient. Selective statistics only undermine your case. I would suggest you do have an issue based on the anecdotal evidence from the comments on your own forums (and not just based on the Swinton game)
  11. Anymore new signings?

    Signings announced tonight:- Andy Bracek Matt Gardener Josh Houghton Luke Waterworth Anthony Bate And also an indication that Liam Marshall will be available whilst still with Wigan
  12. Squad and signings for 2017

    Rumours above became Confimed signings tonight as follows: Grant Gore - whitehaven Jack Murphy - workington Chris Hankinson - Barrow Oliver Davies - St Helens Matt Sarsfield - Salford Starting to take shape now
  13. Sheffield Away

    And then we play Workington at home !
  14. Sheffield Away

    And if Swinton win, Workington lose and Oldham get destroyed......,,

    Harsh then. Slaying kittens! You should be ashamed.