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  1. 4 from boring!
  2. Very pleased to see Lloyd back too. Was a tough uncompromising "game" today with very little rugby played by either team but the flowing move from Lloyd was probably the highlight.
  3. Just checked on the RFL website and you have had 13 incidents reported this year - (compare to Swintons 6) most of which resulted in no charge as the sin bin or sending off was sufficient. Selective statistics only undermine your case. I would suggest you do have an issue based on the anecdotal evidence from the comments on your own forums (and not just based on the Swinton game)
  4. Signings announced tonight:- Andy Bracek Matt Gardener Josh Houghton Luke Waterworth Anthony Bate And also an indication that Liam Marshall will be available whilst still with Wigan
  5. Rumours above became Confimed signings tonight as follows: Grant Gore - whitehaven Jack Murphy - workington Chris Hankinson - Barrow Oliver Davies - St Helens Matt Sarsfield - Salford Starting to take shape now
  6. And then we play Workington at home !
  7. And if Swinton win, Workington lose and Oldham get destroyed......,,
  8. Harsh then. Slaying kittens! You should be ashamed.
  10. No idea, but am hoping the changes in the team will mean you won't destroy us down the middle. A couple of backs back too.
  11. Swinton's pack will be different this time I suspect. You might need a different tactic this time.
  12. Might not be built "ON" it but it still stinks. And extra roads for access to the Sadium are on present crowds a waste of money. Just opened my window and can smell it from here.
  13. Yeah you can watch from the bar on the ground!
  14. Popular pub right outside the ground is the Little B that has food, sports etc and has a beer garden front and back. Large car park at the rear too though there is plenty of on street parking close to the ground (no driving on Heywood road itself). There are a couple of other pubs towards the Brooklands Metro station. Heywood Road is a great ground with two bars inside the ground (one downstairs and one upstairs) with views of the ground. Hopefully you will enjoy the trip. I just wish you did not need the points as much as we do!