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  1. We just added 3 new forwards to our ranks. Check out their write ups on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/Boston13s.com - Jonpaul Davis rejoins us from Atlanta Rhinos. - Mike Elias joins us from University of Balamand (Lebanon) and has national team experience with the Cedars. - Mike Williams plays back home with the University of West Indies - Mona Pelicans & Liguanea Dragons and represented Jamaica B in 2014. We're excited to have all 3 on board!
  2. Thirteens is a great name!
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    Stand-Off guide

    First of all you need to talk with your coach to clarify the exact tole of the stand off in his attacking scheme. One that is clarified speak to the scrum half about how you guys will link up and with the hooker regarding when he is in control in attack and when the half backs are. Also talk with your full back about how he likes to link into the line. Coming from the centre position you should have a good idea of your teams playbook and what works well in the competition you play in. Speak with the centres and second rows you'll play with to see how they like to attack (Which lines they like to run, do they prefer a late ball at the line or an early ball so they can use their footwork/fend). Skills you should work on are long & short passing (with a defence in front of you if possible) and kicking. Defensively find out where the coach positions his stand off and train in that position at training. Most coaches line up their stand off next to their centres so there shouldn't be much change for you defensively.
  4. I just saw on another site that there is a planned 9s festival in Newport Beach CA on October 13th. Teams signed up so far are Utah Avalanche, North California Bears & California Condors. Does anyone have any contacts in California who might be interested in playing/refereeing/supporting the event? Rugby League has so much potential here in the USA, it would be great for things to really start moving on the west coast!
  5. One of our boys played for the Tomahawks yesterday so here's hoping that he is the first in a line of talented USARL players representing the USA. I'm also hopeful that both competitions might get back together after the World Cup.
  6. We are looking to recruit 2 quality imports for the coming USARL season which starts June 1st. We are looking for players that will complement the current members of the playing roster including the imports we already have signed up. We were runners-up in the USARL Grand Final in 2012 and fully intend to go one better in 2013. As we’ve been asked this many times before, players don’t get paid. We’re looking to sign up guys who are looking to experience a fantastic summer in the USA combined with helping our local guys develop as players. You will get to spend a summer in our beautiful city and travel with the team to play in other cities on the east coast. For high level candidate(s) we can look into providing accommodation but this will be reserved for guys who have played NRL, Super League or very close to that standard. For all potential applicants we can provide advice on the cost of living and also on visa requirements. Positional wise we are willing to consider all applicants but are more than likely to recruit players in the following positions: Full Back, Center, Stand Off, Scrum Half, Hooker. In addition, we are also interested in recruiting a player/coach to work with our reserve team this summer. They are all set to play in a north east based competition with some exhibition fixtures thrown in there too. Interested applicants for all spots can use info@Boston13s.com to contact us. Please provide a CV, video of you in action and a coaching reference or two. If you have contacted us previously, please feel free to message again as we've had 100+ players contact us over the last year and it’s impossible to message everyone again. We will be making a decision by Friday 10th May or beforehand if at all possible.
  7. Would have been great to see a USA team there. I know a lot of students make up the USARL rosters (Apologies I don't know much about the AMNRL rosters). Hopefully see a USA team at the 2017 version!