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  1. re, ground

    this is a different type of post !!!!!
  2. Question

    unfortunately for York , they were left with a week to raise a team to go to Tolouse after Rochdales surprise win in the play off . This meant that the players had to arrange time of their regular jobs at short notice because the game was on Saturday some couldn't get the time off . The York players are not well paid and with families and mortgages to pay , the main job comes first , So they went to Tolouse with just 12 players , only to be told that they could not gain promotion because they couldn't give any guarantees of where they would play there home games although York where in negotiations with Featherstone about using their ground . So you ended up with the ludicrous situation of a pointless nothing game for promotion to league 1 .Great planning from RFL
  3. York city knights

    http://www.minsterfm.com/news/local/2046007/game-over-for-york-city-knights/ Very sad indeed

    not really new news is it , as for any new investor , take your money down south or to Canada then the RL will take note .
  5. Bower Fold Stalybridge

    you need to get out more
  6. Bower Fold Stalybridge

    £ 16.00 ,is correct , then I would have to get another train to South milford for £5.50 , still a lot better than driving .Many moons ago when I first met the missus she was working in Stalybridge , she may want to re-visit for nostalgia purposes . ( hope not )
  7. Bower Fold Stalybridge

    Its easier than taking the car and probably cheaper , only problem for me is I sometimes work on Sundays , but i too would be going from Leeds
  8. Bower Fold Stalybridge

    I am a little dissapointed but then did a bit of research . If I get the train from my nearest station here in Yorkshire , it would take just under an hour to get to Stalybridge , with plenty of time for a pint or two at the station bar before going to the game , ambling back to the station for another quick pint before home in just under an hour , all for just £ 21 return , it now seems more tempting for me .
  9. Sunday Soliloquy

    Like you Dave , I am banished to the depths of Yorkshire ( york ) , and like you can only follow what is happening at the club through this site . It is heartbreaking to see at a time when the club has an opportunity to promote itself and finally get to the place it rightly belongs , is being squandered due to the lack of communication . Any business that fails to communicate with its customers is bound to fail .I would also like to question why the local rag , the evening chronicle has not been on the case , surely their is a story for them ?
  10. Website

    I hope that a new website is not in the pipeline , because if a new webpage is being prepared it would have been an ideal moment to let the fans know that a new one was on its way , If a new website appears without any announcement that would be very poor PR .
  11. Map of Rumoured Grounds

    Its a very poor way to treat your breadline , and very arrogant . I feel it will be LSV , and unless we start off well and win some games then the crowds and income will diminish , leading to relegation and back to Whitebank , which will have been neglected for a year , not developed .
  12. Whitebank will remain Roughyeds home

    It has needed to be redeveloped for the past 5 years without a bean spent on it . So we will be of to LSV for a season , get relegated and then back to Whitebank and the same old , the future is bright !
  13. I think Gav , if you want to discover the frustration of the supporters you need to to try and get into some sort of communication with Chris Hamilton himself . An interview from him would go along way to reassure the little support we have left , but I wouldn't hold your breath .
  14. The amateur game in Oldham

    Summer rugby could be one factor to consider , but surely that would be the same for every town in the M62 corridor ,and doesn't explain the fall of the Oldham teams . Is the game still played in the schools ?
  15. The amateur game in Oldham

    I played at the time when the town had three strong teams in Saddleworth , St Annes and waterhead with teams like Higginshaw, Fitton Hill , Salem Hornets and Shaw also playing to high standard .Playing in a competative penine league against some good Yorkshire teams . How many teams do we have in the borough these days ?