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  1. Also possible to organise a trip to the world famous pulpit rock, see the big viking swords in the mountains etc.!
  2. Sandnes Raiders are looking for teams to invite over for a friendly match end of September, with the possibility of visiting the team in 2017. Sandnes is located near Stavanger and has multiple cheap weekend flights from Manchester. Sandnes Raiders are a 1 year old club competing in the RLN championship. All interested please get in touch here or on email - - Kim André Seglem Chairman, Sandnes Raiders
  3. Scandinavia 2016

    The official RLN season starts 23rd of April with the Oslo Open 9s! Oslo Rugbyklubb (union) Blindern (union) Oslo Capitals Lillestrøm Lions ( previously Flisbyen Broncos) Farsund Bobcats ( with players from Flekkefjord Tigers and Sandnes Raiders too) Tønsberg Rugbyklubb Porsgrunn Pirates Are the teams playing in the Oslo Open cup. Though the first event of the year was an indoor 7s RL tournament played on smaller pitches. This was the Lister League tournament. Stavanger Rugbyklubb won against Kristiansand Krusaders in the cup final. Farsund Bobcats came 3rd, Sandnes Raiders 4th and Tønsberg 5th. The RLN 13s will be played in 2 conferences South ** Flekkefjord Tigers Sandnes Raiders Porsgrunn Pirates North ** Bodø Barbarians Trondheim/Lillestrøm Oslo Capitals Home and away against each team in the conference. Then a top 4 from an overall table will decide who gets in the semi finals on the 22nd of October. Norway v Denmark on the 4th of June Sweden v Norway on the 14th of July I think.
  4. Nordic Cup 2015

    Tough loss against Denmark. Tho has to be said they were great hosts! Best changing rooms I've ever had. Good pitches and awesome deals for the third half and awards. If nations get the invite to denmark, take it with both hands!
  5. Norway vs Sweden 17.10 in Oslo
  6. Flekkefjord Tigers 2013/14 premiership jerseys for sale. 500 NOK 58 GBP included shipping to England 122 AUD included shipping to Oz Price is per kit includes shorts and shirts. Only used 10 games. Buy a piece of history and support Flekkefjord Tigers by buying a kit. Numbers 1 - 20 Sizes M - 2XL Shorts from 34 - 42
  7. PM me for sales. Its 89 AUD + shipping :-)
  8. Cant post pictures but if you google Flekkefjord Tigers you'll see :-)
  9. Sorry if this is put in the wrong place. Flekkefjord Tigers are selling their 2013/14 kit because of new sponsorship and jerseys for 2015 and 2016. Jerseys have been played in aprox 10 games and are in good condition We have jerseys from number 1 til 20 and sizes from 34 to 42. A kit goes for 500,- NOK and shipping Costs extra.
  10. Epic! Is this comp only in Chicago? What other teams are there?
  11. Stockholm Kungar a fresh breath for the Sweden RL comp, they look like a gun team! Swedish RL is defo going in the right direction.
  12. Norway

    Not too many in Norway / Stavanger hiring these days, you in the petroleum sector ? Thanks, first session tomorrow! Have some new norwegians guys keen, hope to get 10 lads together for some touch and skills!
  13. Denmark are hosting the opening round of the Scandinavian Cup this year. Hope to play in it!
  14. Norway

    Sound! We start training in 2 weeks