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  1. I'm simply too weary to argue with you. All I can say is Get a reality check. I'm no bloody victim! I'm weary of the attacks you make. I'm weary of the state of the game, a game which is so good it can't even get a main sponsor for it's flagship competition. A game that's so good it can't promote itself. I'm sick to death of the endless facts and figures being produced on here to prove many of the Championship clubs will never, ever make it in the "elite." I'm weary of people coming on here and banging on about how we shouldn't moan and how we should talk up the game. It gets hard when you're told there's no future for the club you support. I talk up the achievements of my club. I'm proud of my club! I don't need you to keep on telling me that I'm just a fervent traditionalist supporting a team from a pit village with no future. I'm no parochial supporter. I'd love to see the game played at the highest level all over the country. The reality is that we are no NRL. We are no NFL.
  2. Don't you dare lecture the likes of Featherstone Rovers about "Self interest". When SL began Rovers and others (i do believe Widnes) Stepped aside to allow the SL structure to take place - despite not being the bottom team. The decision was taken for the good of the game - so where was the self interest in that? After years of being shafted by those at the top table is it any wonder we want a chance in the so called elite game. It's so bloody elite that it can't afford to run its junior development properly and wouldn't know a decent marketing scheme if it grabbed them by the throat.