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  1. Barrow v Rochdale

    I've checked website and nothing to say the game is off so looks like the game is on so rap up as i's t wet and windy up here lol
  2. Bit of fun

  3. 2016 shirts

    Cheers mate ! Wonder what clubs stance is on this
  4. 2016 shirts

    Isolated I doubt it everybody I know who bought the top either really struggles to get it over their head or can't at all ! £45 for some people an unwearable top is a bit much and will put people off buying it , I personally wouldn't.buy the home shirt as it's nowhere near as nice
  5. Todays game

    Confirm asap please as will need to start and pull my new shirt over my ears and my take awhile
  6. 2016 shirts

    Ha ha just thought I had a big head , I got an an xl and size great but hard work getting it on over my head and worse trying get it off lol
  7. new website

    I think it would have to go down as a good era , no matter what went on with DJ we were treated so some of the best rugby to been seen at craven park for a long time .
  8. Raiders v bears

    Thanks mate , I was hoping we played better than last week but obviously not Dolan play fullback ?
  9. Raiders v bears

    Sadly I missed yesterday's game and a 44-22 is a good win but I wondered how we actually performed on the whole
  10. There was a game at CP yesterday!

    Thanks gents and like you say not a bad gate especially with it being hol time , I'm not sure how you survive on 300 either but good luck to them and hope they keep going
  11. There was a game at CP yesterday!

    Has anybody know how many where at sat's game as I didn't hear it called out
  12. Half price tickets

    If anybody is interested there are still £7.50 tickets on the evening mail web site .
  13. promotion

    Good luck to the raiders today
  14. promotion

    We're lucky in barrow having a core of about 800 ish who turn out in all weather to watch , the hard job is encouraging other to turn up an watch and this is where the problem lays as most new fans want to watch a winning team , I personally would like to see us up a league next season but if we stop in this league win more games and encourage people to go and watch in turn make more money then I am happy to stay in this league but this is my view
  15. promotion

    It's an awkward one really i think as I would love the raiders to go all out an win the league and gain permotion and get back it to the league I believe we should be in , but we would struggle to compete with the top side or even mid table teams with team we have and I'm not being disrespectful just honest . Not winning games means gates would drop so revenue would which means we'd struggle financially off the pitch which mean in the end we'd struggle even more on it . I personally would turn up every week win , lose or draw but not everybody will pay to watch a losing team so maybe another season in this league to pay off debts and give cresta more time to build a team that can compete with the top teams .