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  1. Haha, sorry! It'll be different next year...
  2. Nah, it's always been in. It seems pointless keeping nations in there if they aren't doing anything right now. Catalonia were recently removed, other inactive nations are the likes of Austria, Estonia, New Caledonia, Great Britain and a handful of others. If and when they play matches, they'll magically reappear
  3. RT @TheChallengeCup: FT: Vikings 26-22 BulldogsTight game in Widnes this afternoon but victory means Vikings will face Saints #Ladbroke

  4. One of the reasons we created the alternative rankings was to address exactly this silliness. There's certainly a logic to promoting activity via the rankings, but as we know, it's micturating in the wind compared to getting buy-in from the leagues.
  5. I think the official rankings penalise inactivity, so if Tonga have only played a couple of games, that won't help them at all.
  6. RT @MadridRugbyXIII: Spain road to World Cup! España rumbo al mundial! http://t.co/lIf6uGfQAU

  7. We fully agree - Tonga are above all of the European teams apart from England in the unofficial rankings. Spain have jumped up after their result against Latvia, but that's not yet been published. http://www.rugbyleagueratings.com/international.php
  8. A momentous occasion took place on New Zealand's defeat of Australia on Sunday, which may in a few weeks be mirrored in the official rankings. New Zealand, for the first time since their shock defeat to South Africa in 1963, now top the Unofficial World Rankings. Australia had topped the table since defeating Great Britain (and deposing them from #1) in the second Ashes test of 1973 (over 15,000 days on top!), but three consecutive defeats to the Kiwis was enough to finally bridge the gap. Lower down, wins for Fiji and Samoa consolidated their position at the head of the so-called second tier of nations, and of the developing countries, both Belgium and Japan boosted themselves upwards with excellent home wins. http://www.rugbyleagueratings.com/international.php
  9. Lovely, cheers. 7 left, I can probably work out where they might fit now.
  10. All results by date and comp. Not worried about details beyond that, but the results are linked into each other in sequence to calculate the team rating before and after each match.
  11. One I came across recently: http://programmeworld.co.uk/programmes-27-c.asp
  12. Thanks! Between you, that's a large portion covered. I'm a happy chap
  13. Great work Steve, thanks. I'm impressed you found them in the Times, my searching can't have been as good as I thought!
  14. My name's Ian, and I collect statistics for rugbyleagueratings.com, and because of that, I've got a copy of every available yearbook back to 1973 (assuming I've not missed anything). I've never come across anything published covering 1978-79 (an blank between Jack Winstanley's efforts and the Rothman's era). I do keep my eyes open for earlier publications, but there really doesn't seem to be much at all apart from the data collated by the RL Record Keepers, which I've not yet got my hands on Might start on the BARLA handbooks next...
  15. Hi all, we at rugbyleagueratings.com have a mission to document all matches ever played. Dead easy I know, but there are some gaps in our archive. We've covered most pro matches back to about 1968, but the 1979/80 season is proving difficult to pin down (the yearbook didn't think that match dates might be useful!). If any of you have any programmes from any of these matches, or just happen to know, then any info would be great! Cheers. Blackpool 14 Bradford Northern 15 Blackpool 2 Hull KR 28 Blackpool 2 Salford 22 Castleford 41 Blackpool 16 Castleford 33 York 23 Hull KR 9 Bradford Northern 10 Hull KR 18 Castleford 13 Hull KR 26 Hunslet 21 Hull KR 23 Salford 10 Hull KR 32 York 12 Hunslet 16 Blackpool 12 Hunslet 5 Bradford Northern 13 Hunslet 16 Workington Town 7 Leeds 33 Hull KR 13 Leeds 22 Hunslet 16 Leeds 28 Leigh 10 Leeds 24 Salford 2 Leigh 28 Hunslet 3 Salford 17 Hull KR 5 Salford 24 Leeds 7 York 10 Bradford Northern 23 York 17 Leeds 34 York 24 Workington Town 12